Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Where do you get yours?

Inspiration, that is.

I read lots, from fantasy to fables, novels to comics, childrens books, they have the best pictures, to classic literature, poetry plays..I read everything, except cookery books, I loathe cookery books, because I loathe cooking.  My husband finally banned me from the kitchen last week, after setting fire to a tea towel and welding egg onto the hob, but that is another story!  Thankfully, he loves to cook and is good at it.

So.  Other than reading, where else do I get my inspiration from?  Funny tales I hear from other people, of minor catastrophes that morph into funny cartoon beads, and pictures.  All pictures.  I have boxes of photographs, from back in the day when you developed film, all the animals I have loved and now lost, the kids growing up, holidays, gardens, lots of pictures.  I also have pictures on my laptop, sadly I have lost as many as I have kept due to not backing up my systems often enough.   And the internet. 

I love the wildlife websites, National Geographic being one, and just recently this one, Project Noah  This is a great website, with fabulous pictures of all wildlife, fungi and plants.  I found this fabulous guy on there, he is gorgeous...

Philippine Eagle
Isn't he gorgeous?  Have a little look on the website, its brilliant, lots of lovely pictures.

Another picture to finish off and one that is exclusively mine...well whom else has a chicken in a bowl of water in the utility room sink, being stared at by an old mog?

Claude and Dave
Dave sadly, passed away not long after this picture was taken, nothing to do with the bath I assure you.  I was told to place her in a bowl of warm water, chooks love this when they are feeling unwell, it can revive them, and it did Dave for a few days, but sadly she didn't make it.  Still its a fab picture and a treasured memory, perhaps there is a chook in a bowl coming to an Etsy shop near you!!

For some of my inspired beads! visit my Etsy shop

Laney x


Anonymous said...

You have such a hectic, chaotic sounding life - never a dull moment!! Haha!! :-)) How come you make lovely beads and don't cook well? I've hinited that I'd like to make beads, for my own use only, and, after my husband saw how they are made, that got a very loud NO from him.....I'm still working on it.....maybe one day!! Haha!! :-))

georgiebee said...

Lol...keep on at it him Anonymous!!..;o)) are just the best...always able to make me smile;o)x

Laney Izzybeads said...

Ha Anonymous, I just can't cook, I can burn water, literally! I have put holes in saucepans, twice that I can remember, blown up fat fryers, toasters, kettles and those are the ones I can re-call off hand..oh yes I did blow up the last oven! I just don't like cooking and tend to wander off doing something else and then everything goes wrong, except cakes. I would love to be able to bake cakes, but, they all end up as brick substitutes and I could start my own cake brick shop! Keep on at the hubby, its no more dangerous than me making beans on toast!

Georgie..I loves you xx

Kat Newman Jewellery said...

That eagle is stunning, thanks for sharing him!
I wish I could keep chucks Lainey, I love the little personalities and so much variety with colours etc. I think I may come live with you ;-)
Tinks x

Laney Izzybeads said...

You may Tink, but only if you bring your cutie pie mog! x

Elaine Thornton said...

Oh poor Dave, very funny name for a female chook! Love the eagle photo, gorgeous! Usually I wouldnt burn stuff but now my oven is burning everything thought it was me losing my touch but now it seems the oven is on its way out!!! Thermostat has obviously gone so not me after all, well most of the time!!!