Saturday, 31 March 2018

Art Elements March Theme, Nests, Reveal.

 The first themed challenged for Art Elements, since the change from Component of the Month announced in February, was set by Cathy Spivey Mendola  and it was Nests.

I spent a few weeks going round and round with birds, nesting... birds... Spring but nothing was right for me.  I searched Pinterest for ideas and again was coming up with birds, nesting...  I was getting frustrated.  Then like all good ideas this one happened as I was doing something completely different and the idea of 'leaving the nest' came to mind.  

It is a bit of a standing joke in our house that I tell my 'grown up' kids that they need to leave home as I need an indoor studio - my studio for glass is out in the garden a purpose built shed studio and I love it but I need somewhere for my paints, my paper... I need a studio in the house and the only way I can have that is if one of them leaves home....  for now I use the kitchen table!

I 'knocked' this up literally within about 20 mins.  I found a little box, some watercolour paper, grabbed my pen and paints, my new set of block letters to print - of which I get covered in ink! - and whilst waiting for some potatoes to boil I created this and stuck it all down with glue.  It amused me and so I put it on the mantle above the fire in the kitchen and really didn't think more of it.  As far as I was concerned this was the beginning of my thought process for this months challenge.  

How amused was I when I got up the next morning and my 'grown up and still at home 24 year old son' had added to my 'art'.  It has amused me so much that it is still like that now, a reminder that neither child is going to leave the nest anytime soon!

I have a love of words and puns and a chance remark from someone over on Facebook inspired this shadow box design.  I forget whom it was but on some of my doodles this person had commented that I should sell the doodles to give me a nice nest egg... I ran with the comment.

I am still smudging my printed letters, I am too eager to cut it out and stick it down I need to leave it to dry!  I wanted to layer this piece and contrast the greens of the money and background but still give a reference to leaves, nesting, trees... so used some yellow card to create the front layer of leaves which I then painted over with a light wash of green watercolour.  I rather like the contrast and effect.

To see more of the entries in this months challenge, follow the links below.. I am intrigued to see how others have interpreted the word nest.  

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