Saturday, 22 October 2011

Fusing Bonanza

I have been having a fabulous week trying out my new kiln.  I have been fusing glass pendants, some are still a bit pointy but as my new grinder arrived yesterday I hope to smooth some of them out, here is a pic of the first and second goes...

First fusing

Second fusing
On the second fusing I was starting to get a little more creative!  In anticipation of having pretty pendants I have opened up an Ebay shop Laneys beads and art glass , and have even ordered some pretty bails to attach..well 'tis nearly that Christmas time and they would make fabulous presents...the girlie has already put her order in for her friends! 

Talking of Christmas, its not a day I particularly enjoy, there is always far too much to eat, nothing on the telly and I always end up feeling so bored but not really able to go and do something creative, for some reason it just doesn't feel right on Christmas Day.  I no longer go to church, and the only thing I really enjoy is walking the dogs.  On Christmas Day the air is different...don't ask me why, I have no idea, its just different.  My kids are too old now to be excited, they have guessed Santa is really me...they figured out the handwritting!...and last year we actually had to wait for them to get up, we don't even get the Christmas tears...unless its me missing out on the last purple Quality Street chocolate.  This year hubby and I have decided to go to the beach with the dogs.  We never have 'lunch' until late, so a nice walk on the beach - it is a car trip away - with D dog eating as many shells as he can possibly handle - and perhaps a cold paddle, for them, in the sea, perhaps Christmas Day will feel a bit more special this year.  Either way, I am willing to give it a go, a modern day Christmas, now that sounds like a plan!

Back to present day, I am planning to slump some bottles this weekend in my kiln, I have drank the cider, or Perry as it was pear 'cider', and now have a beautiful emerald green bottle, its going to be a good 'slumping' day :O)

Laney x

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Remember me??

I am so pants at keeping up with a blog.  But, I am trying again.  I have been updating my Etsy shop and adding some beads to Ebay.  I am going to try and have a bit of push to sell off some stock, I am wanting to start the new year with fresh beads for the numerous fairs I have already committed too.  New Year, New Start and all that.  So check out my shop if you have a moment Izzybeads on Etsy or grab a cuppa and have a look see through my listings on ebay Ebay listing - Angels.

Thanks for looking.  I will be back soon with a bit more than a blatant advertising blog!!