Saturday, 27 April 2013

Bead Soup Blog Party 3rd Reveal.....

Is here......

Finally I can reveal my pieces from the Bead Soup Blog Party, hosted by Lori Anderson at - Pretty Things.  Remember my partner? Lizzie from The need to bead?  She sent me some lovely pieces, all wrapped up beautifully in a black box with red ribbon and black rose, very grown up looking and so not like me, I will confess to a small melt down and panic.  Here is the link to my blog post when I received the soup but if you don't want to read all that again, here is a quick pic of what I received...

I have used almost everything, I still have the roses and the round doughnut style filigree beads, I couldn't come up with something for those, but they are still on my beading board and will be used in something one day. 

I started with seed beads.  I was going through a bit of a phrase when the soup arrived and was experimenting with seed beads, I got slightly addicted to making these enormous wheel style beaded beads using the black agate round beads and the semi precious garnet beads and some seed beads I had been given from those interested in helping me on my journey to tying myself in knots with the beading thread, that I manage rather too well....

The semi precious garnet beads in the green and gold wheel and don't show up too well,  but they are in there!  The agate is in the black and silver wheel.

My infatuation with seed beads waned a bit when I couldn't achieve the fabulous results like those that got posted in the 1st reveal, so I went back to the day job, to my first love, to the lampwork. 

I wanted to capture an elegance with these beads, but in my whimsy style, not an easy task, but in this piece I think I managed it, lots of the black agate beads with a few sheep, the classic black and white necklace....

Close up of the agate beads, black lampwork spacer beads and the black and white sheep.  The nice heart shaped clasp was also used in this piece, which then became the I heart Ewe necklace.

In my parcel of goodies from Lizzie, I got a length of chiffon crinkly ribbon.  I spent hours wrapping it around my wrist, googling 'what to do with it?' before finally settling on a simple necklace

I love this bead its one of my favourites and I wear it all the time, but it never had a necklace of its own, so using a garnet bead, some rattail that is a nice complimenting colour with the ribbon, its now a real favourite of mine and perfect for summer.

Finally I fiddled.  Ask anyone that knows me, I am one of the worlds greatest fiddlers, and I don't mean on a violin...thats the daughter...

In my bead soup Lizzie sent me some silver ear wires so, I teamed them up with these odd glass birds I had and they make a great pair of earrings

Then I wanted to use up more of the garnet beads, they have a lovely sheen to them.  I met my friend Caroline from Blueberribeads fell in love with a ceramic birdie of hers, a perfect match for my garnet beads, added a glass butterfly of my own, can't have jewellery too grown up...and made a boho styled bracelet with contrasting seed beads.
Finally the focal bead.  A huge heart bead.  It didn't really go in my designs for jewellery, it always looked too grown up and I was stumped of what to put with it, finally I settled for less is more and made a rather nice bag charm from it.
I have really enjoyed doing the Bead Soup Blog Party, its my first and I hope not my last.  Lizzie is a lovely lady and comes from the other side of the country from me, ironically not far from where I was born or where my mother in law lives, she makes beautiful elegant pieces of jewellery and I hope I haven't disappointed her by taking her lovely soup and added a twist of my own.
Thanks to Lori, for organizing the party and although she has been poorly she has still managed to send emails and keep everyone informed about what was going on.  A very big thank you to Lori and I hope you get better soon.  For more lovely blogs from those that took part in party please work your way though the list below.....
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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Chicken pig and bears, exploring crochet.

What a glorious, sunshiney day.  Its smells like summer is coming, all green and growing. 
Iz, Defi and I went to the river this morning, we watched the swans bathing and grooming, the ducks swimming, the golfers on the opposite bank golfing...and losing balls in the river which was most funny... and we smelled the smells that mean summer is coming, wet, green growing smells.  Ummmmmmmm.
So.  I have been busy lately, or rather the hubby and son have.  After deciding that the time is right to start giving some lessons in how I make my style of beads, the studio had to under go some renovations.  Both hubby and son are currently on a lunch break, but within the next couple of hours they will be finished.  We just need the pipes tidying away (a quick trip the hardware shop to purchase some clips and bits) and a sweep up and I will be firing up my torch for the first time in over a week....I have missed my torch.  I will be posting pictures of the studio, soon, it still needs a lick of paint to brighten the walls, but I have to melt some glass first, with my nice new torch, the Midrange Plus, and I am now connected to oxygen tanks rather than an oxygen generator so will need a little play to get used to the hotter, faster flame.  I have a massive grin :)
Seeing as the studio has been out of action for me to play in, I have been playing with another medium.  Wool.
I don't knit, I can only do purl and knit stitch and knitting grows so slowly that I get bored, but I do crochet, not very fast, but faster than if I was knitting.  I have picked up the hooks several times over the years and made crocheted tops and gloves and little things like that, but nothing ever grabbed me as much as making little creatures out of glass, so my crochet stints never lasted long, until now.
As I haven't been making pigs and cows and dragons and bears in glass, I thought about filling the gap with crocheted ones.  I have glass buttons, lampworked ones, that I have been wanting to put on something, thought it would be a jumper for me, but had a little epiphany and not much enthusiasm for a larger garment, I found on line a free pattern for a pig and chicken toy by Michele Wilcox, and using my eye buttons gave piggy a goofy look.  Defi loves this toy and is always in trouble for trying to steal it!
After I made the chicken pig, as he is called around here when Defi runs off with him, shouts of 'give back chicken pig' echo around the house, I wanted to make something else.  The teddy bear pattern was another free one I found on the internet, again by Michele Wilcox, and when she was made she just looked so naked and cold, so I set about trying to find teddy bear clothes patterns and came up with none.  Very disappointing.  So I picked up the hook, and set about making teddy clothes, with lampwork buttons, of course.  This well dressed bear, has knickers, little top with two buttons, a pinafore dress, hat and shoes.  Best dressed ted in the house I think.
Just off out now to fire up my torch and make something in glass, but my interest in wool has definitely been ignited so expect some more animals from me, I have already drawn up plans to create my own patterns, so maybe some glass creatures will find themselves recreated in wool.
Enjoy the pictures of Esme and chicken pig in the garden, you can just see Defi in a couple loitering around ready to run off with chicken pig, who is now safely upstairs out of the way!



Laney x

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Jays Jewels and my beads

I have so much to post that I ought to write a list, that should give me plenty to blog about for the next few weeks! 

I have a lovely friend...well, actually, I have a few lovely friends, both in the glassy world or the internet world, but this lovely friend covers all those areas and more.  She lives not too far from me, about an hour, has a great mum and dad, her dad makes fabulous silver glass beads Vic from Lighthouse Glass, and one day he will have a website! and April, my friends lovely mum who looked after me at the recent Flame Off when I was having a melt down with the husband...he dropped a box *gasp*  Soo...who is my lovely friend?  This is she Jay, from Jays Jewels click on the link and go to her website full of beautiful pieces, painstakingly created from the smallest seed beads ever!

Last September, Jay and her hubby (and her mum and dad but on a different day) visited me during Hereford Art Week, and we exchanged beads...well I gave her beads, and she gave me a list of other beads that she had in her head, which was a never ending stream of ideas and I needed a large piece of paper and good glass of wine to recover in the evening, from all her fabulous ideas...I am sure I still have more to, at the Flame Off in Silverstone the week before last, this is what she gave me....

 This one is so beautiful, my lampwork beads, that Jay has transformed into a real work of art, I love how the focal point of this piece seeming to be floating above the leaves.

Close up of the focal bead, you can see the teeny tiny beads that Jay uses.
This necklace is so beautiful, the colours are delicate, as is the beadwork, tiny tiny beads to make beautiful tube beads, combined with pearls that give this piece an elegant feel.
 I love that the focal bead looks like its surrounded with its own starry constellation.
And finally, my favourite and one I am keeping for myself,  isn't this adorable?
 Jay says she took it apart so often to redesign and get the dog to lay properly, but, I think the hard work was worth it, I love this piece.
Do check out Jays Jewels she has some fantastic beadwork sculptural pieces.
Laney x


Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I did it!

Nothing too exciting, but I have managed to download the pictures from my new phone, all by myself!
So, look at these lovely cakes, sadly not my cooking, but a lovely young lady (ok girl, she was in her 20's!) whom I met at a craft fair in Weston Super Mare, the other weekend, they were delicious!

Then a few of the two gorgeous blondes in my life, Defi on the left and Iz on the right, enjoying some sunshine by the river the other week.

And hole digging, I am sure that Defi thinks there is gold in this field somewhere, he digs a new hole everyday with Iz looking on, just incase its an old bone or something interesting, so far we have just got a mucky Defi!

I was at the Flame Off in Silverstone the weekend just passed, and watched the wonderful Lucio Bubacco do a demonstration, inspired I came home to make some small glass sculptures, unfortunately my little torch is not up to the job for the scale I am trying to get, but, fortunately, I did succumb to a new Midrange Plus torch, just sorting out some oxygen tanks, regulators and space then I will be burning bigger and better...I hope!

Laney x

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Colour Palette Design Challenge

Just look at those colours, don't they make you want to burst into song?  Just me then! 

Bonnie, from Jasper Gems created a design challenge.  Choosing between three colour palettes, you could use one or more, to create a piece of jewellery.  I am actually late to the party, the reveal was 31st March and I was away, so I am posting mine now, but it did give me a chance to look at the other entries and quite a few of us chose this palette, not surprised its so full of colour and zing.  Here is a list of the other entries to look at, then I will show you mine....

Alicia Marinache

Leah Curtis

Cheryl Dunham

Andrea Trank

Shai Williams
So now to mine...

 I just loved these colours.  Bright yellow fish with black line detail, a cute blue dolphin.....
glass red faux pearls with black lava beads that are so tactile and have been languishing in my stash for ages, it was about time I did more than stroke them!

  1. and to accent the piece I added a few glass spacer beads in red and white - I saw the lighter colour as more of a white than a dusty grey.
I just want to thank Bonnie for creating this challenge I really enjoyed the colours and even though I was late I was determined to show mine.
Hope you like it.  Laney x