Sunday, 29 September 2013

Gordy the gorgeous British Shorthaired Cat

I have been a bit quiet this week, its been a great week here, we welcomed a new 'inmate' into our house.  Gordy is a 10 month old British Shorthaired black and silver tabby from my lovely friend Faith at Abyjem as well as making beautiful finding for jewellery and also some amazing rings, Faith breeds British Shorthaired Cats and they are sooo amazingly beautiful. 
Here at my house we have only ever had the dumpees, the abandoned mogs, those that need a home and no one else wants them, so Gordy is the exception to the rule...sort of...
Gordy is a bit simple, but that just makes me love him more.  When he was born he was a difficult birth and he struggled to breath, he danced with death a few times and Faith spent hours willing him to live, as did I as Faith was posting up lovely pictures of these 3 kittens that were fighting for life.  Gordy's brother and sister thrived and became the gorgeous cats they are today, but little Gordy struggled.  His little tongue sticks out and he dribbles, his co-ordination is still getting co-ordinated and he has no fear so finds himself in a few situations, like in Iz's food bowl during tea time, that wasn't a good plan!  Faith asked me if I was interested in homing Gordy, he needed a special home and after losing our Claude we had a space that was just waiting to be filled by a special cat and Gordy is that cat.  In just 5 days we have laughed and giggled, had our legs scratched watched Defi get beaten up and had the most amazing cuddles from a cat that purrs like a train - those were Faiths words and so true.
I will be posting the adventures of Gordy regularly he is a real character and will be a great inspiration to me here at Izzybeads I am sure. 
Gordy meets Defi, day 1.

Gordy steals Defi's blankie

Settling in, day 3, the blankie is mine.....

Investigating is fun

My new helper, just after I clicked the button little Gordy had to be rescued, I did say his co-ordination wasn't good, he almost had a bubble bath!
As I am feeling rubbish today, thanks to the daughter giving me a virus I might just head off to the settee for a few cuddles.....
Laney x

Thursday, 19 September 2013

CLEARANCE at Izzybeads

Everyone does it, all the high street stores so why not me! 
After having everything out for Hereford Art Week last week I found beads lurking at the bottom of the bead box that had been there for ages, some covered in dust, some practise colours, some demonstration beads and all needing new homes, so I made a CLEARANCE section in my Etsy shop, the set in stone rule, or should that be set in glass rule? is that everything will always be under £5 in that section (not sure on the dollars without looking).

Remember £5 or under for everything in the CLEARANCE section
Its never too early to think of Christmas :P
Laney x

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Remembering your roots

I was reading an article in a magazine last night about marketing and promoting yourself....I finished my book on dragons and knights in shiny armour rescuing fair maidens, and the current book on Station X breaking the Enigma code wasn't quite relaxing in the bath material so I grabbed a magazine to look at and found this article on remembering your beginings.  The author,  a chap, makes beautiful jewellery modern pieces with silicone and various other materials even though he talks about his training as a goldsmith but he also talks about his reason for going into the jewellery making world and how he keeps true to his original dream that got me thinking about my beginnings and the constant in my art.

From my earliest memories I remember drawing dogs looking through books for pictures to copy as we didn't have pets but I knew I wanted to fill my life with dogs even back then.  I progressed to detailed pencil drawings still drawing dogs, cats, wild animals never people and rarely still life, then to glass and still its the animals although these days they have silly grins and hats but always animals and usually dogs.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Back to normal

Back to normal this morning after Hereford Art Week its been an interesting week not as busy as last year and the weather changed to a definite Autumn feel but I still met some interesting people and found time to practise my off mandrel sculptures.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Goodnight my Claude.

 It finally happened, after months of ups and downs and plenty of poo on the carpet, Claudey took a turn for the worst yesterday afternoon, girlie hugged him from when she got home from work at 4pm and he passed in her arms a few hours later, we had a funeral this morning and he is now resting next to Megan under the bamboo.  Feels a bit weird not having a mog, I haven't been mogless for over 20 years.

22 years is not a bad age for a mog that was dumped in a box with his mum, in front of the combine harvester in Kent, together they escaped the box and went on the run around the farm we lived on then, Claude was caught by the promise of a cheese sandwich, cheese and onion crisps remained a constant favourite throughout his life he would push the dogs out of the way for a bit of cheese, and Bonny, his mum, followed her kitten to my door, I had 6/7 cats at that time, all dumpees and rescues of various ilk and I rang the RSPCA who promised to come and collect them both.  They never did, it was the best thing that ever happened, I named them both, Claude was originally Clyde but his Claudey nature came through and the rest was 21 years of Claude adventures and he had a few! He was about 1 when he came to live with us and he has been with me for over 20 years, he was much loved and will be very missed.

Goodnight old friend.

Claude and Dave the chook

Claude and Megan


Laney x