Thursday, 31 January 2019

Art Elements January Theme Challenge Reveal - Moon

This post is not very long because like everyone in January I think the month just got away from me.  I had plans, actual plans this month but....

Anyhow, this month Lindsay from the team hosted our monthly challenge and she chose Moon.  You can read that blog post HERE 

Like I said I had plans and even though I didn't do what I wanted I did do something small.

I did spend some time coming up with an idea that was more based in realism - I once 'did' realism as an art muse but I found my way to whimsy and have stayed here, happily...  - because of this I got cross with myself and made myself 'do' whimsy in my piece so this is a bit of a prototype.
In the end I opted for this shadow box and I have used layered paper as the medium - and actually rather enjoyed it.  I like the way you get more of a dimension to the painting and as I like painting small illustrative pieces this way I can combine the elements/images and create a larger piece with texture. 

Robert came about as I did spend quite a bit of time this month doodling away in both paper and glass, although not everything came to fruition.  I rather like that these challenges plant a seed in your head that you muse on all month.  Hopefully this year I will muse a little better and have a bit more time to create more.  January is never the easiest month to get motivated or find the time between winter flu virus' and wanting to curl up on the sofa because it is so dark and cold.  Thankfully today is the last day  of January and time for the reveal so I hope you can visit the blogs below to see what those that took part in this month's challenge did with the theme.

Art Elements Crew: