Tuesday, 12 October 2010

This mornings walk around the woods with Iz and I remembered my camera, the colours are fabulous at the moment. Enjoy.

the beginning of our walk

     the autumn gardens are through the gate


autumn leaves


through the trees, I think this one is my favourite of the morning

the autumn garden inspired beads

Monday, 4 October 2010


What happened to the summer?  Last time I looked, the kids were getting ready to go back to school and the veggie patch was still producing stock for the cupboards.  Can't believe its October 4th, today.  My friend had another birthday last friday and we had a fabulous walk in the wet and muddy fields with Iz and Shiloh (Iz's husky friend), whilst remembering when we met when our little girls were at nursery school, now of course they are Year 10 of High School and my friends daughter even has a 'steady' boyfriend....is that phrase still used?  steady?  Who knows?  Ben is keeping me up nights with his late night calls to his girl-friends, I am told they are 'mates', gets confusing when his 'mate' has the same name as our dog, every time he says Iz was down by the river or in the pub, I question our goldie, Izabel, going to the pub without me...tut tut....my pub evenings are gone now that kayaking is no longer on a Thursday night due to the dark nights closing in, I really enjoyed being in the pub with Ziggy whilst our kids froze on the river in kayaks.

I have done some beady fairs and a craft fair and got a few more craft fairs to do before Christmas, so I am still busy and torching away. I have been enjoying the challenges on Bead Buddies forum, especially the Fairground one. My beads have taken a turn for the whimsy, I am loving creating those beads that make a smile, thankfully so are others and lots are finding new homes. This one is Charley's for her dolls house from the fairground challenge,

Darren the Dodgem....with 'bum-hole'.  I have also done a gorgeous Unicorn which is destined to go on the Bead Buddies forum as a swap bead, I like this one :O)

isn't he cute?  and keeping on the whimsy theme one last photo for the evening, my cat bracelet.....

Night x