Friday, 22 December 2017

Christmas decoration challenge with Art Elements

I have had this snow globe since last year.  I brought it in a clearance in Hobby Craft round about this time last year and it has sat in a box gathering dust ever since, but in the recent 'tidy up' that my daughter insisted we do to all the cupboards in the house, including my art cupboards, we found it again.

Art Elements member Lesley offered up a challenge back in November to create a Christmas ornament.  Click HERE to read the original blog post.  So I decided to finally use the snow globe.  

I am not completely happy with how it turned out, it was a challenge working in such a confined area, usually I just 'go with the flow' whether it is with glass or illustration doodles and the size is immaterial until I am finished so starting with a defined space was something I had to get my head around. 

Back in October I created this 'bad Santa' in glass and he melted - forgive the pun - the hearts of many so I carried on with the same image for my snow globe.  

I have always loved those layered pictures you used to see when I was a child so I decided to create my snow globe Santa in that style.  At the moment he looks a little too stark, maybe he needs a background?  I am hoping to explore this style of illustration in 2018 so not only did I finish (sort of) a project that was gathering dust but I gave myself a new arty idea to persue next year.

Here are the others that took part in the challenge, hope you take a minute to look at their creations for Christmas.

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Ugly ear ring blog hop.

I don't make ear rings, I don't make any jewellery as a rule but when Diana suggested a 'tacky' ear ring challenge I thought, why not?  my jewellery making skills are limited to simple techniques so what more do you need?

Turns out that you need more than a few skills, making ugly pieces is quite hard, so I settled for just grabbing a few bits I had found in a recent 'tidy up' and went from there, so there it is, my tacky, ugly - but actually not that bad considering they are 'bits and bobs' -  mish-mash earrings!

If you fancy a bit of fun and seeing how others create tacky and ugly then hop over the blogs below 

Laney Mead - this is me!