Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Countdown to Christmas.

I know its a bit early, but I had a play with some Christmas ideas, I currently have some penguins and reindeer fused glass suncatchers to finish off but will be photographing those soon.
So who has the hump for Christmas?
Whose got the 'ump?
 ...and you just can't not have a cute elephant called Holly with a Christmas hat ....
Holly the Christmas Elephant

anyone for a cute penguin?...

Its only 16 weeks and counting!
Laney x

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Taken with the mobile phone

I have been playing with my phone, its a Samsung Galaxy Note 2.  I have always had the oldest phone in the house, my last one was at least 8 yrs old, so when it broke I got the new one.  I am not good with change and it has taken me a few months just to get used to making a phone call, texting and adding a contact, but I rather like the bigger screen and reading the internet searching all those fab things you can when waiting for your daughter to finish work....I always thought after the ballet lessons ended when she was 13 that my days of hanging around in the car where over, nope back to waiting around for her to finish work now that she is nearly 18!
So, eventually I figured out the camera and how it works and even uploading it to Flickr and Facebook, go me life in the old girl yet!
First up is a photo I took yesterday down at the river, then using the colour settings I had a play, used the frames and Voila modern vintage, pretty cool eh? 

little helicopter

Iz at the river on her birthday


The second photo is of one of my newest beads that will be coming with me to Stourbridge Bead Fair 2013 this coming Sunday 25th August, and finally a photo of my beautiful Izabel who turned 7 yesterday, I used the soft tone application on the editing software.  Unfortunately the camera is only any good for close up photos but it does do those well, more distant shots and I need to take the big camera which is  a bit difficult with the dogs, balls, poop bags, leads.........


Friday, 16 August 2013

Hot for dots!

Izzybeads on Facebook
Ever since making this dotty Dalmation bowl I have met so many spotty dogs on my dog walks, old ones, mad ones, young ones, liver spotted, black spotted and covered in mud - those are Defi's favourites!
I am still getting myself organized for Hereford Art Week so haven't been adding to my Izzybeads Etsy shop or even doing much chatting on my Izzybeads Facebook page, but today I am having a day off and going to visit my lovely friend in Ledbury, she plays with clay, so my daughter and I are going to Leadon Valley Crafts to see Fee and make something interesting in clay...hopefully!
Leadon Valley Crafts

Laney x

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Applique what......

I can't sew.  There are two things in life I wish I was better at, one is sewing and the other is cooking, but if I had to choose, it would be sewing that wins, I hate shopping and cooking odd that I should enjoy eating so much!
I am trawling through the archives of Craft Pimp Forum and ventured into the unknown - to me - Fabric, Textiles and Wool Tutorials and was looking through the tutorials, you just never know one day I might need all this information and its there at my finger tips. 
I found this one from our Kerry of PennyDog (click on the link to take you to her blog she does cooking too!!) and I found it really interesting, its a great video on YouTube, how to do applique on the back, maybe I should start with hemming first....
Click on the above link and maybe I have inspired you to blow off the cobwebs from the machine at the back of the wardrobe and find those pins that are currently holding the hem of the curtain in place...just my house.....

If you would like to see more of Kerry's work have a look in her Etsy shop, its lovely in there!

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

A few new bits...

You have seen the posters, heard the hype, The Pedigrees are releasing their new album full of 70's pop, move over Glam Rockers let the pooches through......

Kayaking Kitty. Kitty faces danger as she attempts to do the biggest waterfall on the rivers of the Etive in Scotland, braved only by the fearless...or the stupid...can Kitty do this and survive the drop.............

I am not listing in the shop for the moment I am getting things ready for Hereford Art Week in September. 
You can still find me on Facebook though or in the Etsy shop which is still open.
Laney x

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Shadow box treasures

I have been playing.
So what do you do with those beads that are designed to be decorative and ornamental?
You paint a great background and give that bead a great story.
Meet Ben, the kayaking hound, and yes, Ben is my son in the real world and Ben loves to kayak!
Izzybeads on Etsy

Laney x

Friday, 9 August 2013

Friday's Smile

Its really hard to find a style, but I think I have found mine in the lampwork, the more fun and wacky the better, lots of colour and plenty of smiles to go round, luckily lots of people love the wacky colourful beads I create and I enjoy nothing more than seeing how the beads 'grow up'. 
This one was always one of my favourites, and was brought by a lovely lady in America who made this fabulous bracelet for those days when she felt she needed a smile :)
Glass lampwork giraffe by Izzybeads  design and bracelet by Tracy Lehtonen
Isn't it gorgeous, I love the green its so jungle.  I have been told it does its job beautifully and everyone she meets smiles with her.
Laney x