Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Applique what......

I can't sew.  There are two things in life I wish I was better at, one is sewing and the other is cooking, but if I had to choose, it would be sewing that wins, I hate shopping and cooking odd that I should enjoy eating so much!
I am trawling through the archives of Craft Pimp Forum and ventured into the unknown - to me - Fabric, Textiles and Wool Tutorials and was looking through the tutorials, you just never know one day I might need all this information and its there at my finger tips. 
I found this one from our Kerry of PennyDog (click on the link to take you to her blog she does cooking too!!) and I found it really interesting, its a great video on YouTube, how to do applique on the back, maybe I should start with hemming first....
Click on the above link and maybe I have inspired you to blow off the cobwebs from the machine at the back of the wardrobe and find those pins that are currently holding the hem of the curtain in place...just my house.....

If you would like to see more of Kerry's work have a look in her Etsy shop, its lovely in there!

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