Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Taken with the mobile phone

I have been playing with my phone, its a Samsung Galaxy Note 2.  I have always had the oldest phone in the house, my last one was at least 8 yrs old, so when it broke I got the new one.  I am not good with change and it has taken me a few months just to get used to making a phone call, texting and adding a contact, but I rather like the bigger screen and reading the internet searching all those fab things you can when waiting for your daughter to finish work....I always thought after the ballet lessons ended when she was 13 that my days of hanging around in the car where over, nope back to waiting around for her to finish work now that she is nearly 18!
So, eventually I figured out the camera and how it works and even uploading it to Flickr and Facebook, go me life in the old girl yet!
First up is a photo I took yesterday down at the river, then using the colour settings I had a play, used the frames and Voila modern vintage, pretty cool eh? 

little helicopter

Iz at the river on her birthday


The second photo is of one of my newest beads that will be coming with me to Stourbridge Bead Fair 2013 this coming Sunday 25th August, and finally a photo of my beautiful Izabel who turned 7 yesterday, I used the soft tone application on the editing software.  Unfortunately the camera is only any good for close up photos but it does do those well, more distant shots and I need to take the big camera which is  a bit difficult with the dogs, balls, poop bags, leads.........


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