Friday, 25 October 2013

Favourite pictures of the week

Gordy curled up tight with Defi.

Ice cream sundaes that are coming to Harrogate bead fair this weekend.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Harrogate Beadwork Fair 26th and 27th October

Its Harrogate Bead Fair this coming weekend 26th and 27th October, I will be there with my bums and beads  ;D  I will be having a MASSIVE discount sale on the flower beads if anyone is interested, I don't make them anymore and they are needing new homes.  See you there  ;D

Friday, 18 October 2013

Bees with hats, whatever next!

I have been playing with Santa hats, somehow the bees got in on the act, but I think they look rather cute, available to order in my Etsy shop right now!
Bees with hats

Made to order in the shop
Then the snowmen got in on the fun and ended up with hats too....

I did have a little play with relief style reindeer too, the frit is gorgeous and from Vickie's Emporium you can find her on FB just click the link, this frit is called Carnival, its bright and fun.
Have a great weekend, I am off to the Community Farm Open Day Christmas Fair tomorrow and taking with me some fused glass decorations
Its not the best photo as this one was taken on my phone, what comes back with me will find its way on Etsy next week.
Laney x

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Wordless Wednesday

I know its supposed to be wordless Wednesday but, this was the sky this morning, red sky at night shepherds delight, red sky in the morning shepherds warning.....its now raining cats and dogs!!

Monday, 14 October 2013

It's never too early

I find Sundays quite hard too blog my routine disappears and we usually have something going on, yesterday was no exception as the hubby and I went to Bristol to see a friend who has just moved into a very nice bachelor pad and meet his newest granddaughter a gorgeous 4 month old baby girl who gave enormous smiles and reminded me that although lovely babies are hard work and I am definitely more comfortable caring for hairy dogs and dribbly cats!!

I did a little bit of shopping and brought this enormous bag of spring bulbs.  Tulips are one of my favourite flowers they remind me of when I was little and lived in Holland I still remember looking out of the window to field upon field of colour and nodding heads the Tulip ones.

Although Holland is famous for these beautiful flowers they did in fact come from Turkey.  I love Tulips, I might be wishing away time but the thought of them next Spring makes the dark months more bearable I just have to plant them!

Laney x

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Calorie free cake

My cooking skills are legendary, the tales of smoke alarms going off and the children arriving at the table for dinner amuse many a guest, those that dare brave the idea that I might cook...its ok though these days the hubby does all the cooking, and shopping, both of which I am remarkably useless at.  Family members love to reminisce about the time I cleaned the cooker/fat fryer/kettle and they blew up, or the time when I cooked a slug on the accident...and filled the kitchen with smoke, or the time I lost my temper and threw a buttered crumpet in the air where it stuck to the ceiling butter side up and refused to budge, the stain of the soaked in butter is still there to this very day and I can assure you that the ceiling has been painted several time in 20 yrs!  I moved out 18 yrs ago but the house was a tied cottage and owned by my friends family so I still get to hear about the 'buttered' crumpet stain!
But.  A revelation.  I have made cake that LOOKS good enough to eat, you can't eat it though, just like my 'proper' cooking it is totally inedible, but it looks fab....

You have to love glass!!  I have a couple of chocolate ones waiting for photographs, I love making cake...beads :)
All beads are available in my Izzybeads Etsy shop  just so you know!
Happy Saturday I am off to do something...
Laney x

Friday, 11 October 2013

I am in Bead Magazine with my Turtle bead

I am so rubbish at remembering to blog about how fabulous I am!  If this little chap didn't come home to me today I would have forgotten completely.
My latest tutorial on how to make this gorgeous little glass bead turtle was featured in Bead Magazine, here is a snap shot of my pages
You can get your copy of the magazine and read all about me its out now.
Laney x

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Introducing the new singer of the Howling Hounds..........

Sky the Samoyed the new singer for the Howling Hounds.....

The new singer for the Howling Hounds has been appointed. Coming from a classical music background having sung opera in Sydney Opera House in front of Royalty, Sky the Samoyed is now embracing a career as the lead singer of the Howling Hounds and really getting into heavy metal and rock music. Seen here (in the last picture) with Shiloh the guitarist I have a feeling that this band will be big!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Little Mog.....

Ok so I didn't post a blog post yesterday, but rules are meant to be broken right? but today I do have something new to show I did manage a couple of hours in my studio shed yesterday and it was lovely to fire up the torch for the first time in a week, fingers crossed I have finished with the virus and although still a bit snotty and my ears still feel like I am underwater, I am up and raring to go, so introducing, Little Mog.
Little Mog

Whose da mummy?

I know its supposed to be whose da daddy, but hey! its nearly Halloween and lets have some fun!

This is Little Mog and he is desperate to go Trick a Treating, wandering the streets like a grown up Tom Cat, but Little Mog is little, so little that his mum has said no, so Little Mog went to the bathroom in the big house that he lives in, opened up the airing cupboard door and took out a roll of toilet paper, then he rolled and rolled and rolled all the toilet paper around him, hoping to disguise himself and sneak out with his pet spider, Spiddy, Trick or Treat Little Mog....
I have my kiln on and my torch is raring to go again today, something about enforced rest and bone idleness to get those muses flowing, I have lots of ideas, I am thinking singing hounds....
Laney x

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Blogtoberfest day 6

I've lost track of days is it the 5th no just looked its the 6th? After a day of failed bonfires, my career as an arsonist is over before it begins but instead I did clean my car which was long overdue I am now sat here in front of the telly doodling this is how things start. .....

Hope everyone had a great weekend mine is definitely looking up I can now breathe through my nose....its the little things.


Saturday, 5 October 2013

Saturday, Blogtoberfest Day 5

So after spending all week on the sofa, sniffing and being totally miserable and bored watching the weather from the rain splattered window, it was a lovely surprise to wake up this morning and be able to not only breathe through my nose - its the little things - but also hear with one ear, the other still being blocked, and although my head is still woolley I don't ache and the sun was shinning, so I popped on my trusty wellies...(I do wish Google wouldn't change the word have to remember to read through and correct it back from wearing parts!) 
I took the dogs down to the river for our daily walk, just look at the blue skies

We kept to the back of the fields today, didn't want either dog to go into the river I fancied a dry dog walk, best laid plans and all that....

 The wild rose hips are out in the sunshine throwing up some colour in an otherwise green landscape

And after all the rain we had this week, even though its still be warm, the mushrooms are sprouting up everywhere these ones are quite small I have some whoppers on the lawn at the moment...

Remember that dry dog walk I had planned?  Well Defi found the mud!

This is Iz with a muddy patch on her back where Defi jumped on her to play, so off to the river we go to have a swim and clean up, good job its a warm day!

We did have the swim and we did clean up, back home again now, the sun is still shinning and I am off into the garden to cut back the bushes, got to make hay while the sun shines eh?


ps all photos are taken on my phone, its not a bad camera but some shots are blurry :)

Friday, 4 October 2013

Dragon Lady Macbeth

I am still feeling rotten with this bug but did manage to summon up some energy to finally clean and photograph this bead, its Dragon Lady Macbeth, you can almost hear her saying 'out out damned spot out...'

Laney x

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Autumn at the river

Well its only day 3 of Blogtoberfest and I am already flagging, not for blogging so much but for just feeling completely and utterly pants with this virus.  This is my first virus of the Winter season, or should that be Autumnal season?  either way the weather has changed from sunny skies to damp mornings and the leaves are no longer green and glossy on the trees but turning the russet reds and golden browns tinted with lime greens, the Autumn colours.
I was walking with the dogs down at the river (River Wye) this morning and found some lovely ripe blackberries, which I was picking and eating, blackberries are good for a sore throat right? and decided to take a couple of Autumnal pictures for my blog post today, seeing as work in the studio has come to a halt due to lack of energy, rather than playing with glass every minute I can during the day I am counting the minutes until my next lot of pain killers to top up my levels in my blood stream, which I am sure is gloopy green and slimey reflecting how I whine at being ill.....never!
Beautiful red berries dusted with dew

Blackberries, you can see how many I ate!  I am sure they have healing properties.....

Dewdrop, this was actually taken the other day on my phone, all my photos at the river are taken on my phone, its not a bad camera really.
Right off to the settee, I feel a day of nothing and crocheting socks coming on will take pictures...on the phone...for tomorrows blog......
Laney x

Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Its October 1st, this year is flying past, not that I want to say the C word long to go!

For the month of October I have signed up to do the Blogtoberfest which is being hosted by Michelle of Shells in the Bush its a personal challenge to blog everyday.  I like blogging I just don't seem to be organized enough to do blog regularly so maybe this will help.  Click on the link to go to Michelle's blog and see who else is taking part, which does bring me to a question...

How many blogs can you read in one day?

I have a few blogs that I like to follow just wish there was more time in the day to read them all, I do try to keep up but seem to end up catching up more than keeping up, maybe I will try and read one every day too, look out coming to a blog near you soon!!

Right I better get on with the day, I spent yesterday in bed with the lurgy virus and the carpets need hovering and I would love some time to turn on the torch and make Halloween beads, I always have plenty of ideas when I am unable to torch I think that's called Sod's Law!