Thursday, 10 October 2013

Introducing the new singer of the Howling Hounds..........

Sky the Samoyed the new singer for the Howling Hounds.....

The new singer for the Howling Hounds has been appointed. Coming from a classical music background having sung opera in Sydney Opera House in front of Royalty, Sky the Samoyed is now embracing a career as the lead singer of the Howling Hounds and really getting into heavy metal and rock music. Seen here (in the last picture) with Shiloh the guitarist I have a feeling that this band will be big!


  1. Such cute little critters. I would love to see the cat with its paws in the air done in glass. Check out my Blogtoberfests at Papertripp.

  2. Hi Francie, thanks for dropping by, I will pop over to you and have a read :)

  3. Ha ha your on a roll my love! A rock group is emerging!! Funky!!


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