Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Little Mog.....

Ok so I didn't post a blog post yesterday, but rules are meant to be broken right? but today I do have something new to show I did manage a couple of hours in my studio shed yesterday and it was lovely to fire up the torch for the first time in a week, fingers crossed I have finished with the virus and although still a bit snotty and my ears still feel like I am underwater, I am up and raring to go, so introducing, Little Mog.
Little Mog

Whose da mummy?

I know its supposed to be whose da daddy, but hey! its nearly Halloween and lets have some fun!

This is Little Mog and he is desperate to go Trick a Treating, wandering the streets like a grown up Tom Cat, but Little Mog is little, so little that his mum has said no, so Little Mog went to the bathroom in the big house that he lives in, opened up the airing cupboard door and took out a roll of toilet paper, then he rolled and rolled and rolled all the toilet paper around him, hoping to disguise himself and sneak out with his pet spider, Spiddy, Trick or Treat Little Mog....
I have my kiln on and my torch is raring to go again today, something about enforced rest and bone idleness to get those muses flowing, I have lots of ideas, I am thinking singing hounds....
Laney x

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