Saturday, 12 October 2013

Calorie free cake

My cooking skills are legendary, the tales of smoke alarms going off and the children arriving at the table for dinner amuse many a guest, those that dare brave the idea that I might cook...its ok though these days the hubby does all the cooking, and shopping, both of which I am remarkably useless at.  Family members love to reminisce about the time I cleaned the cooker/fat fryer/kettle and they blew up, or the time when I cooked a slug on the accident...and filled the kitchen with smoke, or the time I lost my temper and threw a buttered crumpet in the air where it stuck to the ceiling butter side up and refused to budge, the stain of the soaked in butter is still there to this very day and I can assure you that the ceiling has been painted several time in 20 yrs!  I moved out 18 yrs ago but the house was a tied cottage and owned by my friends family so I still get to hear about the 'buttered' crumpet stain!
But.  A revelation.  I have made cake that LOOKS good enough to eat, you can't eat it though, just like my 'proper' cooking it is totally inedible, but it looks fab....

You have to love glass!!  I have a couple of chocolate ones waiting for photographs, I love making cake...beads :)
All beads are available in my Izzybeads Etsy shop  just so you know!
Happy Saturday I am off to do something...
Laney x


  1. Mmmmmmm these are delicious Laney, you better put a DO NOT EAT sign on them, they are so realistic x

    1. Thank you Jane, they make my mouth water when I look at them!


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