Thursday, 3 October 2013

Autumn at the river

Well its only day 3 of Blogtoberfest and I am already flagging, not for blogging so much but for just feeling completely and utterly pants with this virus.  This is my first virus of the Winter season, or should that be Autumnal season?  either way the weather has changed from sunny skies to damp mornings and the leaves are no longer green and glossy on the trees but turning the russet reds and golden browns tinted with lime greens, the Autumn colours.
I was walking with the dogs down at the river (River Wye) this morning and found some lovely ripe blackberries, which I was picking and eating, blackberries are good for a sore throat right? and decided to take a couple of Autumnal pictures for my blog post today, seeing as work in the studio has come to a halt due to lack of energy, rather than playing with glass every minute I can during the day I am counting the minutes until my next lot of pain killers to top up my levels in my blood stream, which I am sure is gloopy green and slimey reflecting how I whine at being ill.....never!
Beautiful red berries dusted with dew

Blackberries, you can see how many I ate!  I am sure they have healing properties.....

Dewdrop, this was actually taken the other day on my phone, all my photos at the river are taken on my phone, its not a bad camera really.
Right off to the settee, I feel a day of nothing and crocheting socks coming on will take pictures...on the phone...for tomorrows blog......
Laney x


  1. Poor you Laney, put your feet up, enjoy catching up on your blogging and get better really soon. Sending healing hugs xx

  2. Oh poor you!! I hope the blackberries worked and is making you better!! Well don't matter really they were there begging to be picked Yummmmmm!!

    Great photos btw the dew drop one especially. :)

    1. Thanks Elaine, I like the dew drop one too :)

  3. Great photos, we have the same dreary weather here. Must go hunting for blackberries too! x


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