Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Gordy and the washing machine.


  1. Is Gordy (Stand By Me fan? *g*) a marble Bengal? I have a spotted and a rosette - they are wonderful hooligans!

  2. Oops - read further down and answered my own question! He is a pretty kitty and sounds like quite the character!

  3. Oh what joy, he is quite a character isn't he! Bless!!

    One Christmas when I was wrapping presents, like you do, I had a pile of carrier bags on the floor around me, when I had finished I started to gather them up and found one to be rather heavy and inside my old moggy had curled up and gone to sleep in it!! She just loved to go sleep in all sorted of unusual places.

    The joys of being a cat owner! 80))


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