Monday, 14 October 2013

It's never too early

I find Sundays quite hard too blog my routine disappears and we usually have something going on, yesterday was no exception as the hubby and I went to Bristol to see a friend who has just moved into a very nice bachelor pad and meet his newest granddaughter a gorgeous 4 month old baby girl who gave enormous smiles and reminded me that although lovely babies are hard work and I am definitely more comfortable caring for hairy dogs and dribbly cats!!

I did a little bit of shopping and brought this enormous bag of spring bulbs.  Tulips are one of my favourite flowers they remind me of when I was little and lived in Holland I still remember looking out of the window to field upon field of colour and nodding heads the Tulip ones.

Although Holland is famous for these beautiful flowers they did in fact come from Turkey.  I love Tulips, I might be wishing away time but the thought of them next Spring makes the dark months more bearable I just have to plant them!

Laney x

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  1. My favourite flowers! Will be nice in the spring, cheer you up no end! 80))


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