Saturday, 5 October 2013

Saturday, Blogtoberfest Day 5

So after spending all week on the sofa, sniffing and being totally miserable and bored watching the weather from the rain splattered window, it was a lovely surprise to wake up this morning and be able to not only breathe through my nose - its the little things - but also hear with one ear, the other still being blocked, and although my head is still woolley I don't ache and the sun was shinning, so I popped on my trusty wellies...(I do wish Google wouldn't change the word have to remember to read through and correct it back from wearing parts!) 
I took the dogs down to the river for our daily walk, just look at the blue skies

We kept to the back of the fields today, didn't want either dog to go into the river I fancied a dry dog walk, best laid plans and all that....

 The wild rose hips are out in the sunshine throwing up some colour in an otherwise green landscape

And after all the rain we had this week, even though its still be warm, the mushrooms are sprouting up everywhere these ones are quite small I have some whoppers on the lawn at the moment...

Remember that dry dog walk I had planned?  Well Defi found the mud!

This is Iz with a muddy patch on her back where Defi jumped on her to play, so off to the river we go to have a swim and clean up, good job its a warm day!

We did have the swim and we did clean up, back home again now, the sun is still shinning and I am off into the garden to cut back the bushes, got to make hay while the sun shines eh?


ps all photos are taken on my phone, its not a bad camera but some shots are blurry :)


  1. Looks like a beautiful day! x

  2. Well we all know what our dogs are like right!!!

    Mine don't like going in for a swim, hates a bath but loves the mud!!!!

    Glad they all got cleaned up!! 80))


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