Tuesday, 31 May 2011

New boards!!

From the left

From the right.
End of the month already, time really does fly when you are having fun.  The weekend just gone, the hubby and I headed up to Cumbria for the Rheged bead fair, as each bead fair happens my stall evolves and showing of the glassy goodness gets a little easier.  I still want to improve the pricing 'tickets' and do have a few ideas...obviously stolen from other beady sellers!  I am thinking of designing a card ticket with a nice picture rather than the sticky labels I currently use.  I first used a 'business' card that I printed with the pricing written on in pen, but it looked too busy and as my storage system wasn't brilliant I used to spend more and more time unravelling the mess of beads, strings and labels.  Now my storing system is much better I think I could go back to a more 'arty' way of pricing the goods.  I took a couple of photos of my new layout, from the weekend, hubby is very proud of his back boards and admired them all day, he was sooo pleased with himself when people commented on them, never mind my beads, all he saw was the boards!  I did get a little smug though, as he was helping me to pin the strings of beads up and constantly stabbed himself with the pins, eventually he had to be given another job before he bled all over the glass! 

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Life before beads....

I have been awol from blogging for a long time..too long!  I have been doing a daily blog for a bead site as I have been artist for the month, and I have surprised myself at how much I have enjoyed it, so hopefully I can resurrect my own blog and continue.  During my monthly blog I have been telling all those reading (!) about my life before beads.  I used to draw.  I still do, very occasionally, beads take up so much time that there is not much left for drawing and by the evening I am usually to tired, thanks in part to D for Dog getting me up before 6am every day and the daily humming of family life with teenagers can be a drain on my energy.  But, before beads I drew.  I have lots of sketches and unfinished drawings but also some finished ones.  These ones are ACEO's - Art Card Edition Originals and measure 2.5 x 3.5 inches.  I have some prints of these, which I am getting round to putting in my Etsy shop, which will hopefully be today.  I am planning a good sort out today, after I have worn out the dogs down at the river!  Each print is professionally printed on stiff card and signed and numbered on the reverse.  These are a limited edition and the last remaining ones from my drawing days. 

This is of Izabel when she was a puppy.

My beautiful Ricky
The last two are close up drawings of eyes, I love to draw eyes, they are the windows of the soul.