Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Life before beads....

I have been awol from blogging for a long time..too long!  I have been doing a daily blog for a bead site as I have been artist for the month, and I have surprised myself at how much I have enjoyed it, so hopefully I can resurrect my own blog and continue.  During my monthly blog I have been telling all those reading (!) about my life before beads.  I used to draw.  I still do, very occasionally, beads take up so much time that there is not much left for drawing and by the evening I am usually to tired, thanks in part to D for Dog getting me up before 6am every day and the daily humming of family life with teenagers can be a drain on my energy.  But, before beads I drew.  I have lots of sketches and unfinished drawings but also some finished ones.  These ones are ACEO's - Art Card Edition Originals and measure 2.5 x 3.5 inches.  I have some prints of these, which I am getting round to putting in my Etsy shop, which will hopefully be today.  I am planning a good sort out today, after I have worn out the dogs down at the river!  Each print is professionally printed on stiff card and signed and numbered on the reverse.  These are a limited edition and the last remaining ones from my drawing days. 

This is of Izabel when she was a puppy.

My beautiful Ricky
The last two are close up drawings of eyes, I love to draw eyes, they are the windows of the soul.


Jane said...

Wonderful drawings Laney. You have been AWOL for ages, lovely to see you on my blog today. I SO admire your ability to draw, it is such a skill. I assume dear Ricky is in doggy heaven? Glad you are enjoying the D dog, he sounds such fun and will keep you very fit!
Jane xx

Pretty Things said...

WOW! That's so much painstaking work. I'm truly impressed.

Laney said...

Thank you :O) Yes Jane, Ricky did go to doggy heaven, but not until he turned 15!! I am going to try and be more pro-active about blogging!!