Monday, 25 February 2013

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Head pins and weddings.

I have been making head pins.
Head pins on Etsy

Head pins on Etsy

I have some available in my  Izzybeads Etsy shop and a lovely lady contacted me to ask if I could do her some for a wedding bouquet and the flower displays, she wanted my bumble bees and bugs.  After a bit of a play I found the bumble bees looked better with 'sticky up' wings rather than the lay flat ones on the little beads and by using gravity to help angle the bees they turned out rather fab!  I have asked for pictures of her finished pieces when she does them and she has agreed which is lovely, but I have a little wait as her wedding isn't until the summer.

Talking of weddings....

My brother got married last week and the hubby and I went to the service and reception.  My brother lives on the east side of the UK and we live on the west,  its about 3-4 hours driving in the car.  The service wasn't until the afternoon, so we got all dressed ready and drove straight to the registry office as hubby worked the night before and that way he could get some sleep first.  As what normally happens, half way there I needed a wee.  Hubby pulled into the services on the motorway, and parked the car out of the way of the fuel pumps and queues of traffic but was much closer to the lorries and where they fill up with fuel.  Not usually a problem, but on this day it was.  There I was in high heels and a dress *shock*, me in a dress!  and I had to teeter my way from the car, past all the big burly truck drivers and their big lorries and into the service station to use the looe.  I was sooooooooooo over dressed, but hubby got a chuckle out of it!

Laney x

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Following my muse.

I have been practising my seed beads and trying to improve my skills.  I am really rubbish at following a pattern, although I have some fabulous ones by Lynn Davy a wonderful, talented lady and friend from the Craft Pimp forum, but I never seem to follow them exactly, always going off on a tangent and following my muse.  Lynn tells me this is normal and I should go with it!

My blue dragon, is my own lampwork bead (what else!) and I have used some beautiful blues, once again inspired by a lovely blue piece that Lynn did and showed on the forum, and spiral roped and looped around the dragon, it took a bit of jigging to get him to orientate the right way.

My blue dragon with spiral beaded rope.
I have worn him all week and he is so comfortable now he hangs properly!

Finally, I can reveal what I sent my bead soup blog party partner (what a mouthful!) thankfully Lizzie says she loves them and I am so excited to see what she does with them, here they are....

Bead Soup for Lizzie
Just a little different from her usual style of elegance and femininity then!

Sunday Feb 17th is Poole Bead Fair, and if you click on this Poole Bead Fair money off link you can print off the flyer to get the discount on the door.  Be nice to see you there!

Have a great Valentines Day, I am now off to see my little brother get married!

Laney x

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Chickens and bead soup

Yesterday I got this in the post, isn't he just fab!  He is made by my lovely friend from the Craft Pimp Forum Vic from Cornish Dragon click on the link and go to have a look at her blog.  She has only recently been experimenting with her fabric dolls and I think she has a great future ahead with them, even my kids said she should make lots and sell them in gift shops and Etsy, which from my children is high praise indeed.  Chooky, has now got a birds eye view seat in the window of the living room, out of the way of our Defi, who as you can see in the top pic is a little bit intrigued at the chook in the house and worse, a chook on the rather dusty rocking chair in the kitchen!

Other news is my bead soup from Lizzie at The need to Bead came this morning.  I have my beads for the bead soup blog party they came all wrapped up beautifully with ribbons and flowers

and inside on a beautifully printed label all the contents, I could learn alot from how this was packaged!

Now all I have to do is figure out what I am going to do with all this grown up stuff!

What an exciting week and its only Tuesday!  Hopefully Lizzie will have got my bead soup today, as soon as she has let me know I can post a picture of what I sent to her.

Laney x

Sunday, 10 February 2013

My bead soup blog partner has been announced....

I have my bead soup blog party partner, her name is Lizzie and this is her blog The need to bead

I have my bead soup all ready to send out tomorrow, so excited!  Read all about the bead soup blog party here  So much organization goes into this, I have followed the blog for a year or so now and have this year taken the plunge and jumped right in.  Will post pics of my soup when Lizzie has received them, and when mine arrive from her.  Lizzie's style is so beautiful and elegant and in such a contrast to mine, so I may need a fair bit of helpful hints to create something more grown up!

Its lashing it down here, a little puppy is missing around the fields, I have been out and about with Iz and Defi looking, and as yet no news, she is only 12 months old and a lovely little black spaniel pup, hopefully she will be found soon. 

Threats of snow are forecast, again, for the UK starting this evening, am hoping that we will miss it!  But for those all trying to keep warm and snug...

Laney x

Friday, 8 February 2013

Itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini.....

Available in my Etsy shop

Available in my Etsy shop

Get out the shades, bring on the sunshine, lets brighten up some grey days!  and no, this is not a model of my ample behind, without jeans and reinforcements, I don't think mine is that pert!!

Laney x