Sunday, 10 February 2013

My bead soup blog partner has been announced....

I have my bead soup blog party partner, her name is Lizzie and this is her blog The need to bead

I have my bead soup all ready to send out tomorrow, so excited!  Read all about the bead soup blog party here  So much organization goes into this, I have followed the blog for a year or so now and have this year taken the plunge and jumped right in.  Will post pics of my soup when Lizzie has received them, and when mine arrive from her.  Lizzie's style is so beautiful and elegant and in such a contrast to mine, so I may need a fair bit of helpful hints to create something more grown up!

Its lashing it down here, a little puppy is missing around the fields, I have been out and about with Iz and Defi looking, and as yet no news, she is only 12 months old and a lovely little black spaniel pup, hopefully she will be found soon. 

Threats of snow are forecast, again, for the UK starting this evening, am hoping that we will miss it!  But for those all trying to keep warm and snug...

Laney x

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