Monday, 2 September 2013

Goodnight my Claude.

 It finally happened, after months of ups and downs and plenty of poo on the carpet, Claudey took a turn for the worst yesterday afternoon, girlie hugged him from when she got home from work at 4pm and he passed in her arms a few hours later, we had a funeral this morning and he is now resting next to Megan under the bamboo.  Feels a bit weird not having a mog, I haven't been mogless for over 20 years.

22 years is not a bad age for a mog that was dumped in a box with his mum, in front of the combine harvester in Kent, together they escaped the box and went on the run around the farm we lived on then, Claude was caught by the promise of a cheese sandwich, cheese and onion crisps remained a constant favourite throughout his life he would push the dogs out of the way for a bit of cheese, and Bonny, his mum, followed her kitten to my door, I had 6/7 cats at that time, all dumpees and rescues of various ilk and I rang the RSPCA who promised to come and collect them both.  They never did, it was the best thing that ever happened, I named them both, Claude was originally Clyde but his Claudey nature came through and the rest was 21 years of Claude adventures and he had a few! He was about 1 when he came to live with us and he has been with me for over 20 years, he was much loved and will be very missed.

Goodnight old friend.

Claude and Dave the chook

Claude and Megan


Laney x


Catherynne Henderson said...

Oh what a shame, but at least your moggy will now be able to run after all the mice he wants to and scratch as many sofa's without being told off xxxxxx

Maybeads said...

Oh Laney, I'm so sorry! What a sweet sweet kitty Claude was. He was lucky to have you for over 20 years, and you were lucky to have him. <3

Heidi said...

I am so sorry for your loss. It does sound like being dumped was the best thing that could have happened to him, and that you were both blessed to have so many happy years together. But that doesn't lessen the hurt of losing them.

Pretty Things said...

I think Claudey and his mum knew exactly what they were doing when they came to your place, they knew they would have a good life full of everything a cat could want. Sleep tight Claudey.

Cat said...

I am so sorry, Laney. You were all meant to be together, I'm sure.
Run free, little Claude, you won't be forgotten.

Laney Izzybeads said...

Hi everyone, thank you I haven't had a minute to come and reply but thank you for your kind words. Lx