Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Remembering your roots

I was reading an article in a magazine last night about marketing and promoting yourself....I finished my book on dragons and knights in shiny armour rescuing fair maidens, and the current book on Station X breaking the Enigma code wasn't quite relaxing in the bath material so I grabbed a magazine to look at and found this article on remembering your beginings.  The author,  a chap, makes beautiful jewellery modern pieces with silicone and various other materials even though he talks about his training as a goldsmith but he also talks about his reason for going into the jewellery making world and how he keeps true to his original dream that got me thinking about my beginnings and the constant in my art.

From my earliest memories I remember drawing dogs looking through books for pictures to copy as we didn't have pets but I knew I wanted to fill my life with dogs even back then.  I progressed to detailed pencil drawings still drawing dogs, cats, wild animals never people and rarely still life, then to glass and still its the animals although these days they have silly grins and hats but always animals and usually dogs.

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  1. your love of animals shows in your work Laney


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