Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Jays Jewels and my beads

I have so much to post that I ought to write a list, that should give me plenty to blog about for the next few weeks! 

I have a lovely friend...well, actually, I have a few lovely friends, both in the glassy world or the internet world, but this lovely friend covers all those areas and more.  She lives not too far from me, about an hour, has a great mum and dad, her dad makes fabulous silver glass beads Vic from Lighthouse Glass, and one day he will have a website! and April, my friends lovely mum who looked after me at the recent Flame Off when I was having a melt down with the husband...he dropped a box *gasp*  Soo...who is my lovely friend?  This is she Jay, from Jays Jewels click on the link and go to her website full of beautiful pieces, painstakingly created from the smallest seed beads ever!

Last September, Jay and her hubby (and her mum and dad but on a different day) visited me during Hereford Art Week, and we exchanged beads...well I gave her beads, and she gave me a list of other beads that she had in her head, which was a never ending stream of ideas and I needed a large piece of paper and good glass of wine to recover in the evening, from all her fabulous ideas...I am sure I still have more to do....so, at the Flame Off in Silverstone the week before last, this is what she gave me....

 This one is so beautiful, my lampwork beads, that Jay has transformed into a real work of art, I love how the focal point of this piece seeming to be floating above the leaves.

Close up of the focal bead, you can see the teeny tiny beads that Jay uses.
This necklace is so beautiful, the colours are delicate, as is the beadwork, tiny tiny beads to make beautiful tube beads, combined with pearls that give this piece an elegant feel.
 I love that the focal bead looks like its surrounded with its own starry constellation.
And finally, my favourite and one I am keeping for myself,  isn't this adorable?
 Jay says she took it apart so often to redesign and get the dog to lay properly, but, I think the hard work was worth it, I love this piece.
Do check out Jays Jewels she has some fantastic beadwork sculptural pieces.
Laney x



  1. Oh they are truly gorgeous! I love the blue constellation one!! Finally got my Bead magazine, read all about you, great article. Aren't we clever!!!! Xx

    1. They are arent' they Elaine? Jay is brilliant with those little seedies beadies, she has made my beads look fab :) I have my magazine this morning, we are totally brilliant :p


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