Sunday, 7 October 2012

Aliens and Ugly Mugs!

Pink Alien....everyone needs one! In my Etsy shop
In what direction does my mind work?  I don't usually ask, but the kids think I am bonkers!  Recently I went on an alien bead making adventure and they all crawled out of the woodwork...or landed in their alien ships in the garden, which would explain the holes in the lawn, definitely not caused by the chooks!
This little pink guy is still sitting in my Etsy shop, just waiting for a new home.  I have ordered this morning some completely fabulous boxes to gift wrap these guys up, they will make fantastic Christmas gifts, can't wait until they come! 
Leopard Gecko

Just because I could, a gorgeous Leopard Gecko :O)


Ugly Mug

This cute blue Alien, jumped on a plane, courtesy of Royal Mail, and is now sunning himself in the USA, hopefully not causing too much mischief :O)

Anyone else remember the Ugly Mugs from the 80's?  I used to have one, and I loved it, tea tasted so much better in an Ugly Mug.

Right enough procrastination, I really do have to clean out the larder!  Amazing what you will do to avoid that job!

Laney x


Jane said...

Oh Laney these are brilliant, I showed M and we both laughed out loud! My faves are the blue one you sold and the pink one. I love that the frog has teeth. Great to see these.
Jane x

Laney Izzybeads said...

Heheheh thanks Jane :O)