Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Cow Pat Bracelet, Christmas Angels and Hedghogs

130 by Izzybeads
130, a photo by Izzybeads on Flickr.

Walking through the cow fields on my daily walk, I have to dodge the cows and the cow pats, that inspired this fabulous bracelet.

Cow Pat Bracelet available in my Etsy shop, just click the link, perfect gift for Christmas.

Talking of Christmas, who doesn't love angels hanging on the tree?  Here is a unique Christmas angel, just perfect for that tree....

Christmas Angels

Hanging Christmas Angels  available in my Etsy shop now.

Made to order hedgehog beads
A last picture, I love these little guys, my hedgehogs..Made to order Hedgehogs

Just click the links to go to my shop and make yourself smile.

Laney x


Jane said...

Owwwwwhh Laney love those little hedgehogs, SO sweet,
Jane x

Laney said...

Thank you Jane, almost as cute and sweet as the collection of Bear dogs in the kiln at the mo!!

Kat Newman said...

Those hedgepigs are so damn cute!

Laney said...

Heheheh Thanks Kat, I have a hamster to show later!

Leah Curtis said...

Those cows are SO cute, Laney! And hehehe clever bracelet. Love the little angels and hedgies too.

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