Thursday, 11 October 2012

Count Drag-Ula and the Beadathon......

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Now you know the truth...Count Dracula is really Count Drag-Ula, the world famous dragon vampire, seen here with his pet bat...Batty, together they stalk the skies, causing mischief and putting fear in the hearts of every...ok until mum says 'time to go to bed' then they take off the fake vampire teeth, put Batty under the duvet and get mum to read a bedtime story...they rather like the story of Pete's Dragon.

I wont be blogging for the next few days, its Beadathon time!!  The weekend is nearly here and the 24hour marathon, bead making for charity is due to start 7pm tomorrow night...thats 24 hours of lampworking!! 

All this glass bead making is to raise money and awareness for Beads of Courage, supporting children and teens with cancer.  Please support us, even if you just tune in and watch for 10 mins, we are screening live HERE its all for a good cause.  If you want to donate please follow this BEADATHON LINK to take you to the right page.

Have a great weekend
Laney x



  1. Hope it goes really well Laney. I shall be watching! It's a great cause,hope you raise lots of money too,
    Jane x

  2. Count Drag is just fab :) have fun tomorrow I'll be watching.

  3. Thank you both x When I will get back I will sort out the give away prize :O) I know what it is, just haven't had a chance to photograph it, hopefully get a nice sunny day next week, will look much nicer in the sunshine ;O) Have a great weekend, I know we all will at the Beadathon.


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