Thursday, 4 October 2012

Looking back with Iz

I have been feeling a bit down these last few days, possibly even as much as week, I dont know why, the change in the weather?  Who knows?  I came on here to blog today, not really knowing what to blog about and found a button - I just love buttons!  its been there for ages but I haven't pressed it before, so I did.  Its the picture button 'from this blog' one.  Up came all these pictures I had forgotten about and they made me smile.

Before Defi came to live with us, it was just me and Iz (and the rest of the crew, the mogs, kids, hubby and chooks but the daily walk was just me and Iz) our walks were definitely quieter then! Defi doesn't like the car rides much, so we tend to go to the river now, which is just a five minute walk from home, but back then, Iz and I used to drive the kids to school (going back a few years both have now left school), then carry on to Dinmore Woods, near Leominster.  Only about 15 mins from us.  But Iz had lots of doggy friends there, some of whom I still chat to via facebook.  The picture above is one of my favourites of Iz and reminds me of the quiet watcher she really is.

The beautiful Acer trees turn to gorgeous reds and goldens in the Autumn.  This morning walking by the river, I was wrapped in a big fleecy coat but the sun was shining, I love Autumn, that snuggly in a big coat feeling but still with a cold nose, floating leaves and winter sunshine.  Its a beautiful season.

Before glass, I used to draw, and, like my beads, my favourite subjects were my animals, or any animal I saw, but mainly my animals.  I found these coloured pencil drawings of my Izabel when she was a puppy, I remember they took hours of work and were a real labour of love, just as she has been, growing from a bouncy puppy to a spoilt teenager and finally, now she is six, a lovely lady dog - ok lady might be pushing it when she rolls in mud and jumps in the river and stinks to high heaven, but she is, and has been, a definite labour of love!
Just lately, my artistic muse seems to have left the building and I have been floundering around like a fish out of water, perhaps I need to go back to basics and just make the things I love the most?  I think that could be a new plan!
I haven't forgotten about the give-away at the end of the month and I will find something this weekend to show off and give away, just leave me a comment below and I will put your name into the woolly bobble hat, for a chance to win....whatever I come with!!
Laney x


georgiebee said...

Yikes!!?...I was reading this post and left a comment...but that went to your "looking back" post!?.....sooooo....pleeeeease count me

georgiebee said...

Oh pants.....I didn't mean the looking back one I meant the mythology!!!.....gggrrrr....brain not in gear..;p xxx

Laney said...

Heheheehh Georgiebee, what are you like :O) You're in! I will find something particularly gruesome...ahem..fabulous :O) x

kilnfiredart said...

Laney sorry to hear you are feeling low, it could be the time of year but when you don't have time to play your mojo goes on it's holidays , it will be back fit as a lop and you will be making your lovlies once again. I love the bottom drawing of Izy, you are very talented.
hugs x

Laney said...

Thanks Jill, coming from you, a beautiful watercolourist, that is a real compliment x

Linda - said...

I'm not expecting anything Laney and I hope your feelings lift soon but I had to comment on that 2nd drawing of yours too, it's fantastic.

Jane said...

Hey you, your mojo has not gone just made the most brilliant Bear beads. I think that life goes in cycles and that at the moment it's a change for you. Relish new times thing that is certain in life is change....we need to run with it. Enjoy the joys of nature at this beautiful time of the year. Lots of love,
Jane x

Laney said...

Ah bless you all x Thank you Linda and thank you Jane x I am feeling a lot brighter this morning, a touch of the winter blues early I think, but I have decided on my give away, I have some prints, A4 size of that Izabel puppy drawing in the back of the wardrobe, I will find them this weekend and put up a pic next week :O) Thank you ladies for your lovely comments x