Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Animal gods, mythology and me.

I love mythology, but then I love stories too.  When I was a little girl I had a fabulous book on Aesops Fables, and I still have it somewhere on the dusty bookshelves in my daughters bedroom.

Aesop was a Greek story teller and slave who lived in Ancient Greece around 620 - 560 BC, so a while back!

Fables are like our modern day fairy stories with animals being anthropomorphized (my favourite word ever!) 

Myths and legends also tell of anthropomorphized animals, with many gods and goddesses taking on animal characteristics akin to the strengths, or weaknesses, of the god or goddess.

Goddess Bastet, the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of music, dancing and pregant women, she is depicted as having the body of a woman and the head of a domestic house cat.  I found this wonderful link to famous moggies (another favourite word to describe cats, I always refer to our old geriatrics as mogs, which is an old word from the North of England, but that is another blog post for another day...)

To read more about the Goddess Bastet, click this link to the Famous Moggies

Check out my Etsy shop to see my Goddess Bas[tet] - she is known by both names.

A quick reminder that in just 10 days, a few of us lampworkers are gathering together to raise money and awareness for Beads of Courage, Children with Cancer.  I have a donate button at the top of my blog, if you want to donate to this very worthwhile cause.  Be Child Cancer Aware - Beads of Courage 

Laney x

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Chin up Laney Poos..;)x that was a lovely read, straight from the heart!!....please count me in