Saturday, 6 October 2012

Autumn sunshine and missing bumble bees!

It all started with this hollyhock.  A massive great big bumble bee was nosing around and getting covered in pollen.  I dashed in the house to grab my camera, and by the time I came back out - which was straight away - he was gone. Shame would have made a great picture.

This afternoon, I decided to head into the garden and do some tidying up.  I haven't been in the garden much this year, what with the weather, lots of bead fairs and life getting in the way, the garden is definitely looking unloved.  I didn't even grow veggies this year.  The dogs had a bone this morning after the river walk, so they still had something to do whilst I was enjoying the bright autumn sunshine.  This is Defi, growing into a handsome boy now, happily nibbling away on Izabels left overs.

Even our Meg came outside for some sunshine, here she is doing the 'hind lick' maneuver, not bad for a girl (cat) in her early 20's (human years), bet I couldn't get my leg that high anymore!  ...and yes my car is that dirty, the downside of living rural when its been raining and the farmers have been in and out of the fields with the tractors.

Seeing as I missed the bumble bee, I took some time off from the gardening - it really doesn't take much to persuade me - and wandered around, deliberately ignoring the weeds, and concentrating on the movement in the garden.  I love flowers.  But.  I love my chooks and cats and dogs more, so I don't have any flowers.  EverReady Looky Likey (the name stuck!) was caught on the old picnic bench that serves as a potting bench in a good year and a dumping ground this year - its all been tidied up now though - she was investigating the many bugs that were lurking in the discarded pots.  She had quite a feast!

I haven't been home alone today, my son had a day off and was ...and still his van, always nice to show off what I have actually grown from seed. Planted in well rotted manure and left to fester, this long legged triffid matured into a rather large nearly 19 yrs old!

Oh Izabel....Izzy...bell...bells....

She did come round to the front with me and Defi eventually!

This picture was one of those...oh good I have the camera moments.  Megan had moved to a sunnier side of the garden and two of the new girls, EverReady Looky Likey and one of the Marran girls tooks to sunbathing with her, I think the chooks are settling in nicely.

Another quick snap shot of the three girls.

Autumn Fruits
Finally, the beads of the day, beautiful autumnal colours, Poppies, acorns, blackberries, blue berries, Poppy heads and sculptural leaf shapes, all available in  my Etsy shop.
Hope the sun shines tomorrow, I do really need to do much more tidying in the garden!
Laney x


georgiebee said...

You make me smile Laney....I love the way you write..;o)xxx

Laney said...

Oh bless you Georgie, thank you x

Jane said...

What a lovely post Laney. I am amazed that Meg does not bother the chooks and that they don't just wander off. Looks like a great day in the sun for all.
Jane x

Peapod Beads said...

Lovely pics Laney especially the fruit of your labour: looks like a nice lad/triffid! xx

Nic :) said...

Aww what a lovely blIg post