Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Just an ordinary weekend....

Our Waitress

Last weekend was the Harrogate Bead Fair.  Hubby and I packed, his car, mine not being able to make the journey due to a dodgy clutch.  His is much smaller than mine, so I declined to help load up what usually goes into a large estate car into his more economical and compact one.  It fitted!! Much to my surprise, so we set off from Hereford around 3pm Friday afternoon and arrived in Harrogate around 7.15pm - too late to off load at the bead fair, not that we were planning on going anywhere anyway, the Premier Inn, we were booked into was where we were staying for the weekend. 

There is something to be said for drinking Rose wine out of the glasses that are provided in the Inn, but small they may be, and yes my arm did have to work extra hard to re-fill the glass more regularly, but between us we managed to finish the bottle, albeit I think I probably drank more than himself...ok, definately drank more than himself!!

Over the weekend, we had one evening meal on the Saturday night and one breakfast on the Sunday morning and our waitress was just lovely.  She was always there with a smile, nothing was too much bother, even when dealing with the most ungrateful, obnoxious old woman - no, not me - at the table opposite, who reminded me so much of the character Diana, from Waiting for God, such a miserable looking woman who truly did think she was at the Ritz and not a Premier Inn.  So our waitress, dashed between us and them.  She reminded me somehow of a really cool cat, so...once home, she was immortalized in glass! 

I haven't had much torch time just lately and yesterday I did manage a couple of little miniature collectibles which will be finding their way onto Ebay this afternoon...


Cute or what?

Also introducing, Eleanor (named after my neice :O) ), the circus Elephant.  Eleanor is a very clever little elephant, she has been to circus school and is learning how to use the ball in her new act....


One of Eleanor's closest friends, has come all the way from the Alps, just to see her new act.  Bernie, is such a lovely boy and is always ready to share a nip or two from his whisky flask, which is always full and of a particularly fine vintage, around his neck...

Bernie the Saint Bernard

Laney x

ps I almost forgot to mention...I am part of a blog ring, and this time round its my go to be talked about.  I am thinking most people think me as the quiet, gentle sort, a bit like a wall flower, or shy rose, occasionally nodding from behind my laptop, but no, this lot think I am a complete nutter!!  To read what some of the others think about me, go here....


  1. I hope you did more than drank wine at the fair Laney-LOL! Your new creations are great you know I will always be biased towards pigs but Clever Eleanor really is brilliant. Hope you get the car fixed but it must have been great to spend the weekend with hubbie and Harrogate is such a pretty town.
    Jane x

  2. Thank you Jane. It was a good weekend really, lots of people, but spending was definately down, sign of the times I think...*sigh*..still, it was nice to get away and always nice to come back!


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