Sunday, 11 March 2012

The give away.....

Really, its all Jo's fault!  It doesn't take much for my imagination to spark and create the wackiest of beads, something someone says, something I see or hear, but this time it was something I saw.  Jo, created these fantastic beach hut beads, are they not the cutest beach huts ever?  She doesn't have them listed in  Jo's Etsy shop just yet, but I have it on good advice they soon will be, that's if the Craft Pimp lot don't give her so many orders for them that she still doesn't get time, which is where I saw them, and the conversation came round to beach bums and so my imagination was sparked and well..firstly, here are the beach huts from Jo...
Beach huts 07.03.2012 by jowalker2368
Beach huts 07.03.2012, a photo by jowalker2368 on Flickr.

She kindly let me link to her Flickr for them to show up here....and here, is  my take on beach bums...

...and no, they are not modelled on anyone I know!! 

So, this beach bum, is looking for a new home, someone who doesn't mind him in all his...ummm...voluminous-ness!  With his builders bum coming over the top of his 'budgie smugglers'...isn't that just a great saying?  one my daughter is known to exclaim loudly whilst in the spa, causing huge giggles and more flushing of cheeks than is perhaps necessary!

So if you think you are able to give this unabashedly, letting it all hang out guy, a good home, all you have to do is comment in the box as to why you would be a fine home for this chap.  I will choose a winner by the tried and tested method of a pin, blindfold and list of names, next weekend.  Hows that?

Laney x


  1. Here would be the perfect home for him because we are a house of bums and he would be among friends! ;-)

  2. Are you sure it isn't modelled on anyone you know?! LOL

  3. Heehhehehe Cat!

    Mr Vardy, what are you implying :p I would never have said you would wear budgie smugglers!

  4. he will always remind me of you Laney he is awesome and thank you for the links, end of the week peeps :)

  5. I would love to give Mr BBum a home to take down the Cornish beaches to show the ladies what those Adonis surfers will become. Lol :()

    He is rather fab xxx

  6. Love love love him, he's very cool Laney. Cheers ma dear for the chance to own him. Mel :o)

  7. All he needs is a knotted hankie on his head! ROFL

  8. Kassy, your BB in Spain12 March 2012 at 08:11

    I'd just love to show him off to these Spanish machos just to let them see how shapely and sexy our St Ives fellas are:-)))

  9. Bums away Laney...and only you could pull off this design..great fun and a fun giveaway. It's a gorgeous afternoon here...hope it is with you?
    Jane x


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