Thursday, 8 March 2012

Just a quickie.....

Thursday March 8th....

Dear Diary.....

Girlie had hissy fit last night and had to pluck up all her nice-ness, took a while, to ask for a lift this morning due to having the violin, obviously I made her wait until this morning and didn't mention the kitchen being spotless before we left, just went to the looe with my book and listened to the gentle sounds of dishes being badly washed ;D ;D

Boy person, home from Birmingham night out with pals - how are my nerves going to stand him going to S.France when I barely coped with one night in the big smoke - Hereford not even being a small spark - I don't know. But, he was good, had fun, and got up this morning for college.

Day plan. Girl to school. Woofits to river. Me to shed. Good Plan....

Girlie to school, she even said thank you...the day is going well. Get woofits ready for the off. Go.

Get to next door - about 300-400yds - man said, 'not a good weekend', thought he was referring to my rubbish bead fair, but he wasn't. Him and his wife managed to write off both their cars. My day/week is begining to feel quite good. Nod to him my sympathies - he is a grumpy arse normally - and advise getting rid of car, his, as its the second crash in it this year, its obviously jinxed, I know this being the clever girlie I am ;)

Get to kissing gate at river, mobile goes. Heart stops.

Boy person. Breathe Laney, breathe....

'Mum, thought you might like to know, I have ran out of diesel, have rang the AA...'

'F'ing idiot' I say, nothing like motherly love 'do you have any money, they will not give you diesel without money?'

'Sh1t' says boy person. This means no.

'Where are you?' say I. He then gives me road names and stuff...what a waste of time, I can't direct the postman to next door and boy person is about 40 mins away. Tarrington, he says. 'Where?' say I. We have lived in this county for nearly 15 yrs ::)

We discuss where he is, me getting more and more confused, until I say I am walking the dogs, he says AA will be there by about 10am, its not quite 9, so I say, right, I will walk dogs, get home and go from there. New Plan.


On 6th March, a collection of roof bars sold on Ebay, was booked with Shitty Link. They really are rubbish. Hubby works nights and I can't stay in forever. Leave parcel, outside of garage with note on, with hubbys mobile number on, hubby in bed, any problems...blah blah blah...note on door, next to garage, Dear City Link, collection by garage, any problems.. blah blah blah....

Walk woofits. They have been muck spreading again. Iz rolls, Defi eats, both go in river. The sun is shining, I am still doing ok.

Get half way home. Mobile rings. Iz drops ball, big truck comes round corner, I drop mobile on floor so it switches off.....

Get ball. Turn on mobile. Ring boy person. Engaged. Bugger. Try again. Wait for contact list to load. An eternity. Get boy person.

'Did you ring me?'
'Yes. I need £15 for the AA man'
'Ok, where are you?'
'Thought you said Tarrington?'
'On way back to get money'

Dash home. Get to gate. Note on gate.

'we tried to collect'....blah blah blah...

The lazy little... **(**&() never even went through the gate ::) We have three cars on the drive, how did he know we were not there ???

Grab note. Livid now.

Go in gate and actually up drive.....rush in house, upstairs, wake hubby,
'do you have any money?'
He is instantly awake.
'Uh, no, why?'
'Ben has ran out of diesel and needs £15, AA man coming round with him to collect money'
Hubby rolls eyes. I am sure he is thinking the same as me. We are so proud.
I have £10 in cash and hubby has £5 in change. Got the £15 for the boy person.

Back downstairs. Get phone and try to ring number on failed collection note. Goes through to automated service, I get no where with that. Fire up laptop and get number to talk to actual person.

Finally get through. Some man on the other end.
'Consignment number please' he says
'What number?' say I 'Your delivery chap never even made it through the gate let alone gave me one of those...I have waited in for three days...I will start from the beginning, I am cross' I warn

Tell whole sorry story of rubbish collection driver/parcel by garage/hubby on nights in bed/mobile number on parcel/hubby is lorry driver so I do know that they actually do have to walk through some gates to collect stuff.

Man on phone makes very sympathetic noises.

'Your driver was here approx 25mins ago' I say, 'he actually managed to write that bit down, can you ring him and get him to come back?'
'Yes, absolutely, not a problem, I will sort that for you'

Boy person comes back, dogs start barking....hubby comes downstairs...what happened to my plan??

AA paid. Boy person now at home, hubby still up, tea drunk, kiln on, collection driver coming this afternoon...yeah right....and to think I had a plan and its not yet lunch!


inkydoodlecrafts said...

Laney can I have your life, mine is so boring by comparison :o) xx

Anonymous said...

And life goes on with Loony Laney, it never changes :0) x

Erika said...

I have such a quite life now.....mine used to be like have my sympathy as this will continue for years hahaha!!!!

Maybeads said...

You sure pack a lot into your morning! Hope it becomes dull from here on out. Go light that torch and pretend not to hear anything. :)

Louise said...

LOL! Sorry, you're obviously having a rubbish day, but you've just made mine with that hilarious little rant. Thank you for cheering me up! ;D

Laney said...

Well, I thank you lovely lot!! Just to update you, girlie is throwing another hissy fit, but boy person has a few beers in the fridge...hic...did have! Still no bluddy collection from City Link, despite two phone calls now...*sigh*....still, kiln is full and I have some real giggles to look forward to tomorrow!

Jane said...

Don't even ask me about City Link Laney, one day when I am not so angry I will tell you the saga of my chair for my studio!?!!! Sadly I have to tell about the kids- these sagas continues even when then move out....plan for me for tonight..hubby out so glass of wine and some jewellery making and perhaps a rings at 5.45pm from recently move out son, "Are you doing anything,I could do with my chair from my room being brought up to the flat. I have no money for petrol". Of course mad mother says "No, nothing important I will be up by 7.30pm". Wine now back in fridge....LOL. I hope you get the collection sorted and the kids will be just fine!! Enjoy your evening.....;0)
Jane x

Laney said...

Oh dear Jane, they are completely rubbish aren't they? :O( I am still waiting for the collection, and getting more and more cheesed off by the hour, I don't think its going to happen tonight, so yet another phone call will need to be placed tomorrow. As for the kids *(&(*) girlie is still stropping, but at least the boy person is sharing his beer!! Hope you managed to get your son his chair, honestly kids!! Lx

Nan xxx said...

Oh Laney, this did make me laugh, What time did you get up to pack all of that in?
Life with teens at home is very interesting isn't it? I've done that.
Last one is re-doing his 2nd year at Birmingham as he stumbled through it first time, gave himself a bit of a wake up call when he failed, gave us a breakdown too. kids!