Wednesday, 21 March 2012

CandyFloss and Milk

Candy Floss
Candy Floss is a beautiful dragon.  She travels with the fairs all around the world, doing her fabulous tight rope dancing tricks...thats right tight rope dancing, none of this walking for Candy, she is the dare devil dragon with a wiggle and turn!

Then there was Boo.  Why so sad Boo?  Where we live here in Hereford UK we are surrounded by some of the most beautiful countryside and rural landscapes and of course farming.  Opposite our home is the cowsheds, full of big 'ole cows.  The farmer buys the young calves and rears them for meat before selling them on at market and buying the babies and so the cycle begins again.  Its quite sad when the babies come, you hear them mooing their mournful moo's throughout the day and into the night, but after a day or two they settle in and munch happily on the food the farmer provides in plenty and become big and fat cows ready to go back to market.  During the summer time, they get moved out into the fields down by the river and we become quite acquainted, the cows, dogs and I.  Little Boo, is a new recruit to the family, but unlike the other other cows she will not be getting big and fat and going to market...hooray for Boo!!

Little Boo
...and finally for todays show and tell, introducing Buster, the Bulldog.  All this talk on the radio about our upcoming festivities to do with the Diamond Jubilee celebrations of our Queen Elizabeth II, I found myself winding glass around the mandrel and hey presto, this little Bulldog arrived in all his British splendour, complete with red white and blue collar.

Buster the Bulldog
and just to show I can, some rather grown up beads!!  just pretty and pinky ones...

Laney x


  1. Aww why so sad Boo? I think I love you!

  2. I'm so glad Boo is staying put in glass and not making it to the table ;0) Very clever beads Laney, you really can do whimsical and "grown up" so very well. Fab work!
    Jane x


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