Friday, 23 March 2012

Spotlight Friday is....Jo Wolfe of Kitzbitz Art Glass

I am jumping straight in here with a brilliant colour chart and what, happens, when, from CIM lampwork glass.   Just click the link below and it takes you to a wealth of information about this glass.  I didn't click on Jo's webpage until earlier today and then lost nearly an hour just reading her charts, brilliant information for beginners and professional glass workers alike.

Colour Chart

So, who is Jo Wolfe of  AND

Jo is Craft Pimp.  She set up the Craft Pimp forum, on which there is so much inspiration, information, giggles and chitter chatter, from some exceptionally talented people, from needle workers to silver smiths to paper/card artists to photographers to clay to ceramics to us chatty lot that make up the lampwork group, and I imagine I have missed a few!!

Jo is the owner of two Etsy based shops, on the 'tinterweb one of which is FritNChips which sells glass supplies for the lampworker.  Hand blown shards, murrini and twisties.  Click this link to go to that shop...Glass supplies

Beautiful murrini, twisties, shards and frit blends

As well as FritNChips, Jo makes her own lampwork glass beads and if that isn't enough, her own polymer clay beads.  Jo is known for her beautiful, big aquarium beads with her own hand pulled murrini fish, of course!  Here is a few of my favourites currently for sale in her Etsy shop..

all of these are currently available in Jo's shop

So, that is Jo.  Creator of beads in glass and clay.  Seller of murrini, frit blends, shards and twisties and the wonderful woman that puts in alot of time and energy into a wonderful forum on which I have made many friends and had lots of laughs.

To see more of Jo's work and meet her 'virtually' yourself, come to or check out her beautiful work by clicking the links below.

Laney x


  1. Nice blog Laney - she's not an easy one to blog about, our multitalented Jolene:))

  2. *softly whimpering* I have a lampwork addiction and my mind yells danger (in a good way)!! ;-)

  3. LOL Cat!! long may the lampwork addiction continue :p

    Sue, she was NOT easy, so many pies not enough fingers!!

  4. Hullo :-D thank you for the lovely blog post lovely Laney xxxx


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