Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Craft Pimp Blog Ring - Mel of Inkydoodlecrafts

SS108267 by inkydoodlecrafts

Its official, Mel is indeed an international seller of beautiful handmade cards.  Check out her blogspot Inkydoodlecrafts for the newsflash!!  She is in the Cardcraft and Papercraft Magazine...whoo hoo...well done Mel, well deserved too x

I love Mel's cards and know first hand that they are truly brilliant, so brilliant, that once you have one in your hands you just don't want to pass it on.  Mel sells her work over the internet, and has cards for all occasions, the one above is available in her Etsy shop Mels Etsy Shop and if you are super quick you will still be able to just about get it in time to give on Mothers Day.

Some of my favourites of Mels are her childrens cards, I could just have them displayed in my house as pictures in a frame!  Here are a couple of my favs that are available right now to buy in her Inkydoodlecrafts Etsy shop.

To see more of Mels beautiful cards, at a bargin price too I might just add, check out her Etsy shop and see her work in her Flickr account and follow her on her blog.  Just use the links below....

Inkydoodlecrafts on Etsy
Inkydoodlecrafts on Flickr
Inkydoodlecrafts Blogspot

Before I go, don't forget to leave me a comment on the Beach Bum for a chance to rehome your very own Bum, draw will take place this weekend by the tried and trusted method of paper and pin, I might even blindfold the daughter and get her to do for me

And lastly....

I have two favourite card makers, one is Mel and the other  is Jane Janes Journal, a long time internet buddy and wonderful jewellery maker and card maker, and I couldn't do this blog shout out,  without mentioning her even though she isn't a Craft Pimp member, she jolly well should be!

Laney x


Jane said...

LOL! Thank's for the shout Laney, bless you. I totally agree that Mel's cards are indeed stunning. As for the Craft Pimp membership when I can give up the day job (which I'm lying if I don't say I do love) I shall join you. I do love though being your internet buddy and at some point will meet up at a bead show ;0)Have a great day, the sun is shining, I have just got in from work so time for a quick bit of crafting me thinks.
Jane x

Laney said...

I'll hold you to that Jane, you will meet lots of lovely papercraft artists on CP, as well as all the other wonderful artisans there. Hope you send some of that sunshine my way!