Monday, 19 March 2012

Owl's that....

Just a few pictures from me today.  I have been doing more experimenting with my fusing, having found a beautiful purple glass to work with.  Purple being one of my most favourite colours. 

Necklace, bracelet, ear rings and ring set
...a little brooch with a beautiful fushia decal detail...

and finally, Libby the Librarian Owl, its reading time at the library, so Libby kindly offered to read the children their favourite book.

Libby the Librarian Owl
 All these will be added to my  Etsy shop in a minute. 

Laney x


Jane said...

Fab work Laney, your brooches are really original and that little owl is a cutie.
Jane x

Cat said...

Ok, I have a dilemma now ... will I, the librarian, keep the owl, or will I give it to my owl collection mother-in-law *deep sigh*

Laney said...

Oh Cat, you have my favourite job in the whole world!! I always wanted to be a librarian, all those books. Now, dilemma, I will just have to make another one :O)libraries always have more than one librarian owl hiding behind the books. Laney x