Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunshine and smiles

Defi helping out
 Yesterday was such a gorgeous sunny day and I was supposed to be helping the hubby take photos of the treasure he was finding in the garage tidy up, ready for Ebay...I got sidetracked!  Just a few pictures of some of my motley crew in the spring sunshine.  Above, Defi was told to not touch the stack of rubbish, which is going to be burn't today, his little face says it all...'what?'  and did he listen?...


First job this morning will be to collect the burning items from all around the garden!  At least its another sunny day.

It was lovely to see our old cat Megan outside in the sunshine fast asleep, now in her 20s Meg doesn't often leave the house but the signs of the spring sunshine brought her out, she followed the sun all around the garden and didn't come in until after 4pm.

Megan in the untidy flower bed

And finally, a couple of the girls enjoying the sun.  Iz and Claude were paying too much attention to the garage sort out and so they didn't get photos taken, if I had shown my face there snapping away I might have been in trouble with the hubby!!


Ever Ready

Hope the sun shines as bright today, looks promising so far!



  1. How lovely to see you dear pets sunning themselves Laney. It is another glorious day today and we are also heading out to the garden. Enjoy ;0)
    Jane x

  2. Thank you Jane x Its another beautiful day here, had a burning bin thing going on getting rid of all that rubbish Defi dragged around the garden. Hope it says, I even managed to tidy up the little flower beds around the back door. Hope you had a lovely sunny day Lx


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