Friday, 6 April 2012

RIP Dave, sunshine and roses.

Bullseye Glass Roses

Just listed in my Etsy shop, these beautiful glass roses.  Its been a while since I made roses to sell. 

Dave, the chook is no longer with us, she died yesterday, very sad.  I was hoping that she was going to get better, the signs all looked good, but....nature took over and she didn't make it.  My son dug me a nice big hole under the buddleia and we said goodbye to our lovely chook Dave.

Good Friday today, the sun is trying to make an effort and shine, I am nearly ready to go to the river, kids are still in bed, hubby is in bed after the night shift, so its very quiet here.  Enjoy your Easter weekend, may the Easter Bunny bring lots of chocolate.

or carrots!

Laney x


Jane said...

RIP Dave, so sad she didn't make it Laney but what a final bath she had :0) Happy Easter matey, hope the Easter bunny brings you lots of chocolate. Love your roses and bunny.
Jane x

Nan xxx said...

Ah! so sorry to hear about Dave. That's very sad.
Hope you have a happy Easter x x x

Maybeads said...

I'm so sorry about Dave. :(