Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Frozen toes and Poorly Dave

I can't believe that last week, I was stood at the river, with Iz and Defi, in a t'shirt, getting splashed and having fun with the sunshine beating down at 10 in the morning.  This morning, I dragged back out the polar experience water proof trousers - extra padding and sooo super warm - the bobble hat and winter gloves, before heading to the fields, battling against the icy rain and occasional snow flakes to get there.  My nose was frozen, my fingers frozen and my toes, even through the thermal socks and stout walking boots, changed from pink to blue.  It was a miserable walk, making it even more miserable coming home to soggy dogs, wet towels and then drying dogs stinking in the kitchen.  Last week all the doors and windows were open and the dogs dried off in the sun, this depressing.

Then there is poor poorly Dave. 

The picture is my beautiful Dave, taken last summer, she is so poorly now, I don't think she is going to make it.  For the last week, Dave has been separate from the other girls, in a pen in the garden, on the grass enjoying the sunshine and seeming to recover, but now the cold and damp weather is here she is not doing so well.  I took her back outside this morning, she sleeps in the utility room at night with the elderly mogs.  I popped her in the pen, gave her some lettuce leaves, her favourite and organized the big fishing umbrella to give her some shelter from the cold wind and snow, but she was so miserable that she didn't touch the lettuce leaves, I knew something was wrong.  I have now brought her back into the utility room and she is not looking good. 

Just a few pictures of beads to try and brighten this dreary day...

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Laney x


Sooz said...

Hope Dave recovers soon.

Jille said...

aww I hope dave pick up soone, it's awful when our pets aren't well. The su has started shining here, so I hope it has come out in your part of the world

Laney said...

Thank you both. Not brilliant on the Dave front :O( as for the weather, absolutely dreadful, been into the shed this afternoon and am now defrosting my toes again...was it really that warm last week?

Jane said...

Oh Laney I'm so sorry to hear about poorly Dave, it's really hard when our dear pets suffer as they never make a fuss do they. We seem to be escaping the cold as it's just dull and cool here but some peeps have had snow too. Sending you a really big hug to cheer you up matey. Take care,
Jane x