Thursday, 19 April 2012

Guide dog puppy, fused bowls and dragons

Flame Off has come and gone, 'twas a long weekend, but a good one.  As well as putting faces to names, from the forums I chat on..and waste far too much of my day, not to mention getting involved with the seed beads!..many beads found new homes and it was nice to get away for a few days, but nicer still to come home to my dogs.  I did miss my dogs, and my chooks and cats and I suppose the kids!

There was a very special someone at the Flame Off, and I fell in love with him.  Bentley, a five and half month old trainee guide dog, is currently staying with Ruth and Andy from A&R Lampwork Beads, and for the next few months they will take him everywhere and introduce him to new sounds, sights, smells and experiences.  He was such a sweetie, all blond and playful and puppy and just yummy...I will be making lots of Bentley beads and rather than take pics of the lampwork on display at the Flame Off I took pics of Bentley, here is one of my favourites...

Bentley the trainee
Isn't he just so cute?  He was so excited. 

So other than the Flame Off, whats been up in the Izzybeads shed? This...

Yellow and blue fused glass bowl
My first fused glass bowl, that went to plan!  I have done a couple and they have worked, but not as I originally intended, happy accidents, but this one did exactly what I wanted.  Rather pleased with this, now just have to work on taking a decent picture, photographing fused bowls is not easy!

I haven't had much time for lampwork since I got back from the weekend, but have been listing some of the beads I have, this gorgeous guy is sold and is going to be on his way to America in the morning.

I just love making my dragons and dogs.  For now though I am working on some very special beads for a very special ladies daughter, for a very special event to be held this summer.

Laney x

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Jane said...

And I know who just that person is my dear Laney...;0) I'm so glad the flame off went well and that you sold lots. We had the 1st dress fitting today....WOW is all I can say! Looking forward to getting your WONDERFUL beads, speak soon buddy,
Jane xxxx