Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Chooks, Dragons and Butterflies

Baby Red Dragon taken in the sunshine yesterday now on Etsy
Frankie enjoying the bugs

Its hard to believe that yesterday the sun was shining, we had a walk down to the river, the dogs had a swim, I took pictures in the garden of the girls enjoying the sunshine  the bugs in the grass and glass dragon  beads catching the sunshine and sparkling.  Then.   Today, after just walking in what can only be described as good old British downpour, both dogs are black and grimy from the grit and grime on the lanes, the three of us have been soaked to the skin, had to avoid the river due to flooding and fast flowing and now have the heating on to warm up and dry out!  Today isn't any old April shower!

I have been fusing some more bowls and have a few more fusing projects planned, but am rather taken with this Butterfly Bowl.

Fused Glass Butterfly Bowl

Today I am planning on finishing the practise piece I have designed to go on top of my Aunts wedding cake, my gift to her when she marries next month.  Its so exciting. 

One thing I won't be doing today is gardening!!

Laney x

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  1. I've just got in from work Laney...OMGoodness the's just bucketing down. So much for this hose pipe ban! Great pic of Frankie and the new glass creations are gorgeous. I will be interested to see what you made your show all when you can. Keep dry!
    Jane xxxxxxx


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