Saturday, 18 October 2014

You have mail.

'Post on the side for you' said my husband this morning as I walked in the house to put down the dog leads after a very muddy walk, Defi had rolled in a stinky puddle so needed a shower off with the hose pipe outside 'its on the side' he said as he headed off out.
'Bother' I thought and looked at my stinky mud coloured Golden Retriever, his brown eyes looking at me wide and innocent 'you have to be showered first' I told him.
Hosed, towelled, kettle on - and I had a quick wee, there is something about coming back in the house after a dog walk that just makes you want to go!
I opened my parcel and the smile spread from one side of my rosy wind kissed cheeks to the other.
'Bless her cottons' I said out loud.

A few weeks ago a fellow bead maker and superb photographer, known henceforth as Tomcat (check out his blog its filled with amazing photos and he says he is an amateur!) contacted me to see if I would give his daughter a lesson in making beads, for her birthday.  I agreed and was delighted, we would meet, the family and me; its always fun to put faces to names and blogs I think.
So the Saturday came and the family arrived, Tomcat, Mrs Tomcat and Little Tomcat and we had a great afternoon in the studio, whilst Mr and Mrs Tomcat went out exploring around Hereford. 
They brought cake so both my kids thought they were just the best family in the world to visit and Saturday night was spent eating too many delicious flap jacks with chocolate topping and admiring the delicious looking doughnut shaped cake - it was a ring of cake, awesome! - that we couldn't fit in but managed to consume everything by the middle of the following week, there are no photos too much eating took place for stuff like that to happen!
We had tea, no cake we were not willing to share this house being bereft of cake makers my skills in the kitchen being limited to tea, coffee and occasional slices of and we talked and laughed and swopped stories and had a fabulous time.  Well I did just hope they did too.  Part of our chat was about 'girlie' duct tape.  I was agog.  You can get 'girlie' duct tape?  I was assured you could.
This morning in the post I received some 'girlie' duct tape of my own.
Owl's 'at for making me smile :)

 And I got a real letter, not an email, but a real hand written letter.
Thank you Tomcat and family, especially Little Tomcat.


  1. This is Little Tomcat, I'm very glad you liked the duct tape and the letter. I thought you would probably agree there is something really nice about recieving a proper letter and am really glad you all enjoyed the cake! we did have a fab time too and will deffinately have to meet up again soon, with more cakes I promise =) x

    1. Heeheheheh Little Tomcat, I LOVE my duct tape and have had to tell my son to keep his paws to himself, its mine. Look forward to meeting up again I had a lovely day :)

  2. What a great story. Where do you get "girly" Duct Tape? Might be useful for putting off all the males in my family from using it up!

    1. Julia, its awesome, really awesome and so pretty, I am wondering what I can stick it on to just keep looking at it. According to my lovely hand written letter, Hobbycraft is the place to go for girlie duct tape :)

  3. I want some girly duct tape now :) and how nice to get a written letter.

    1. Its brilliant Vic, I just keep looking at it and telling everyone its mine :)

  4. Ohhh I want some girly duct tape too :) Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend and isn't it lovely to get what I call Happy Post?


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