Monday, 20 October 2014

Ooo's and aah's

I met a dog walker this morning, he is very eccentric with two lovely spaniels that are encouraged to be 'dogs' and allowed to jump up with wet and muddy paws, which I don't mind on a dog walk but these dogs always seem to find me on the day I have put on clean jeans!  So, this morning we meet and I manage to keep a distance far enough to avoid wet paws, when we discuss the weather: a great British past-time, being so warm and mild in mid October its a conundrum whether or not to wear a coat or heavier jumper, so I say I was 'umming and ahhhhhing this morning on this decision.  He replied with 'umming and ahhing just stay where they are and don't make decisions.'

How true that is.

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  1. hi Laney, we are partners in Kimberley's Christmas swap and i thought i would pop over and say hello xx i'm looking forward to getting to know you as your's is a new blog for me xx


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