Friday, 3 October 2014

Friday's Muse - Venice.

While I figure out the title of this blog I might as well start writing it!
A good glassy friend of mine Kat from Beads by Kat is also taking part in Blogtoberfest this year and is filling her blog with interviews with fellow artisans sending them (us as I am one ;) ) questions to answer, just for a bit of fun.  One of the questions is 'If you could choose a city break where would it be?'.  I hate cities, I hate crowds, noise, traffic, I prefer cow pats, muddy fields, stinking dogs, dribbly cats, the stink of lanolin from the sheep after the rain; I might not like  these smells but I prefer them to fuel fumes, air pollution, coughing commuters and a myraid of other city treats.  On top of that I don't like shopping, last night in Sainsbury's was my worst nightmare and this time I wasn't alone!
So, today, Kat has interviewed Jill from Kiln Fired Art another fellow friend and fantastic artist and Jill has answered that she would like to spend time in Venice on a city break.
Which begs the muse from me.
Is Venice a city?  or, is Venice an island?
Now I love Venice, I went when I was about 16 and loved it, the beautiful stained glass windows, the churches, the quaint - and expensive - cafes in St Marks Square, the side streets all narrow and intriguing, the artists glass blowing and lampworking in the windows as you walk by.
 I love the paintings of Canaletto, this one below taken from this website Travelling in Venice
Venice really hasn't changed since Canaletto's day to when I visited in the 1980's, or judging by the photographs my daughter took when she visited last year (2013) on a photography trip with college, although her views of Venice were through hung over eyes and her liking the modern gallery exhibits to a display at B&Q wasn't her finest moment, but it came close to the drunken walk around the canals by her tutor before the hotel would allow her to enter her room! So it seems Venice still attracts the artisans and accommodates their behaviour regardless of era.
But, this does bring me back to my original question.
City or Island?
I did meet my lovely dog walking friend down at the river this morning, he being a retired Sea Merchant Captain with stories of his travels from all over the globe, and his answer?
'who the *&*()*&)() cares anyway?'
Maybe he is right, Venice is beautiful, whether you think City break or Island retreat, although I would suggest drinking in the culture more than the wine!


  1. I love your dog walking friends opinion. I've never been abroad and Venice would be on my list. :) x

    1. You need to go Vic, its beautiful, truly beautiful but I have to agree with my lovely dog walking friend, who really cares? It was just me wandering along the lanes pondering the question......:P

  2. Thanks for the mention Laney. I hadn't pondered city or island, or maybe both. I too hate cities and prefer the smell of wet sheep. I think maybe Venice appeals to me more than other places is the lack of traffic. And the fact it's so easy on the eye

    1. Ah yes but Jille go at the wrong time and the stench of the canals...bleugh.... it is beautiful though, if you have never been I highly recommend it, we stayed not in Venice but another part of Italy so travelled there using the public transport and that all added to experience.

  3. hmmm city or island, surely a state of mind - for me, and I have not been there (yet), its the best of both so no need to debate. I suppose you maritime friend has the right of it, as does your daughter and her comparison - pass the beer.

  4. Venice is my spiritual home, so nirvana for me.


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