Wednesday, 1 October 2014

31 days and Blogtoberfest

So this whole introduce yourself thing, odd I had to do that last night at my writing group, we had a wonderful chap come to talk, a retired actor and director of theatre productions as well as some television back in the days when TV was brand new.  He was a fabulous chap with twinkly blue eyes and a sense of humour.  I do love hearing stories so I was transfixed on his life, not more so when he told of doing 2am feeds with his son whilst on the phone to a writer and discussing plays, obviously earing brownie points from both parties and having a contented baby to boot, so, we had to introduce ourselves and I falter, as normal.

October; I have signed up to do the Blogtoberfest, organized by Shells in the Bush and also 31 Days and as soon as I figure out how to download and add buttons I will do that.  So, the first thing you learn about me is that I am computer daft! 

I make glass lampwork beads, those with bums and those with petals, a Jekyll and Hyde character in female form, I have a grown up side, flowers and a childlike side, bums and eyeballs.

Pink Lily flowers in glass.  SOLD.

Seal on the sea shore.  SOLD.

Guelder Rose and Lavender on

As well as glass, I have two dogs, Izabel and Defi my Golden Retrievers that are with me all day and help me look after my little cat with brain damage who is an internet star with his own column in Cat World Magazine every month.  Here he is with my daughter.

and my three amigos together... my daughter is a photography student currently studying her degree course and she let me have this photo below.

So that's me. 

I love to write, about what happens to Gordy and also everything and anything that pops into my head, I am finding my own style with the writing and enjoying the journey.

I live in Hereford, UK amongst rolling fields and moo-ing cows and watch pigs snuffling in the mud from my bedroom window, I share my home with my two grown up kids that I fear will just never leave, everyone tells me I will miss them when they have gone, its the 'gone' bit that they don't seem to want to do! and my husband, he that supports and loves me, even though I don't shop, or cook, in fact banned from both as I let woman kind down in those departments, thankfully he is excellent in both so we have food in the fridge and no one is starving.

There is a few people on the Blogtoberfest this year click on Shells in the Bush blog to find other participants, and for the 31 Days writing just search until I figure out the button thing!! 



  1. Helloo Laney, when I saw the linky on Shells in the bush I thought, ooh I wonder what the blog's about. Gorgeous beads as always

  2. Fab post hon, love your beads!

  3. Waves hello :) from up North. Look forward to reading your blog posts for #blogtoberfest and beyond now that we found each other hehe. Thanks for popping by my blog Anita

  4. So energetic, my friend. And boy, are those lampwork beads up there beautiful!! Happy Thursday, Laney - XOXO

  5. I love how lively your writing voice is, and the lampwork you posted is just lovely. Oh yes, and "Blogtoberfest" may be my favorite word this week.

    1. Thank you Lucien, its a rather fab word!

  6. Stopping by from Blogtoberfest to say a quick Hello~ Enjoy your lovely blog and your gorgeous beads~ Lynn @ Turnips 2 Tangerines


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