Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Someone build an ark.....

Seriously this weather is really something.  I took this snap shot on my phone camera about an hour ago.  This is the house next to the river walk entrance, its one of my neighbours, I live just up this lane turn right and I am probably 200 yards further on.  It's about 5-10 mins to walk to this point from my house, depending on how many cars go past and whether or not I have to stop, most days I see no cars others it's a rush of upto 3!!  Honestly it is a quiet place to live.
So back to this photo.
The kissing gate - such a lovely name for a gate - is just left of the wooden gates into Brian's house (that's who lives here) and when I went through them at about 10 this morning the lane was full of puddles and the ditches were struggling but it wasn't underwater!  It takes me around an hour, give or take meeting anyone and chatting, to walk round the fields and orchards: this morning it might have been a bit longer as walking is now more of a trudge through swampy fields, I had better have a backside to be proud of come this summer the way I am having to work my bum muscles I don't need a gym membership by the time the walk has finished I am weight lifting at least my own body weight again as my clothes are that sodden and heavy...I digress...
So probably an hour and a bit had passed by the time I had completed the walk with now two very muddy and wet dogs that really hadn't noticed the rain and were happily charging through the mud and diving into the enormous ponds that were masquerading as puddles in the next dog is going to hate the rain and refuse to go out! I got back to the beginning of the walk, which is also the end,  and was amazed at the disappearance of the lane what was even more shocking was when I had taken this photo I had to step out and walk through this and it turned out to be deeper than it looks coming half way up my calf (and welly boot) and managing to find the hole in said welly boot: left leg, and filter through to my bright pink thermal welly boot socks...I love my pink socks!
Someone had better build this ark much more rain - and it is forecast - and we will be underwater.  The fields can't take any more water and are draining onto the lanes, the drains can't cope and the ditches have disappeared under the flooding.  The lane outside my house is slightly better than this one as it runs down hill but only just and being surrounded by fields that are over flowing into the lane, it isn't going to be long before we need to drag my son's kayak from the shed to leave the drive!

On a more cheerful note.
I was sorting through the beads yesterday ready to take to Kempton Race Course for the bead fair on Sunday (9th).  It will be my first bead fair of the year.  I am not doing so many this year concentrating more on internet selling and helping out with my husband as he sets up his new business.  I am happy about that really as the bead fairs are fun but a lot of work and can be expensive but I do enjoy going out and meeting other bead addicts.
So I will leave you with some pictures....

These ivory roses are currently on eBay just click the link and see what other beads are available there or click to visit my Etsy shop if you don't fancy the thrill of an auction.

I don't have nearly as many beads as I usually have for fairs, another reason to not do so many this year but there is still plenty of beads to see and own if you are around Kempton this coming Sunday :)
Right off for a cuppa and run around a bit more and dry off!
Laney x


  1. I thought at first you were talking about the puddles then I enlarged the pic and thought oh, 'eck! Yep, think an ark is just what you need and you've got a head start with your two of each creature with the dogs.

    You can never tell whether a dog will be a wet weather and mud fiend but you could get yourself one of those teeny little 'armpit hair on legs' handbag style dogs. It might still like the mud but at least you'll be able to pick it up with one hand and rinse it off!

    1. Hi RedSetter...heheheh a handbag dog! As much as I do moan and whine about my two filthy hounds that love the mud and water I do like a good jump through puddles it keeps you young :P

  2. It really is getting serious isn't it Laney. The damage to the railway in Devon was incredible today and there is more to come. Good luck at the bead fair, hope you sell loads. We have our girlies coming up...can't wait x

    1. Hi Jane, I couldn't believe the news when I heard about that railway line really incredible! Have lots of fun with your girlies your little granddaughter is just gorgeous :) x

  3. that's allot of weather-I have a blog friend in Wales and he is getting hammered with gusty winds and too much rain too--

    1. I just enlarged your photos-your beads are so lovely-good luck at the fair

    2. We are just 13 miles from the Welsh border here so our weather is much the same as Wales although we do tend to get less rain...only just! the hills seem to keep the wind on their side lol!


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