Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Its a misnomer.....

I love my dogs, I really do but Golden? Retriever?  its a total misnomer: for a start Defi doesn't 'retrieve' he steals...socks, tea towels, Izabel's toys, most of the quilt during the night and, with the exception of the quilt, he runs like the wind so you can't catch him.  He doesn't retrieve.
As for Golden.  What a fib.
I did post this picture the other day of my lanes nothing has changed other than they are actually worse now.  The rain is lashing it down as I type, the fields just can't take anymore water and so are running onto the lane and gushing down them in torrents.
But still my dogs want to go out!  I took this yesterday as we did have a bit of a respite from the howling wind and driving rain but as you can see Defi isn't bothered by a bit of damp!

Izabel can't resist a good puddle....

Neither Iz nor Defi can pass up a chance of stick fighting whilst charging through the mud....

This I have never seen before.  The water is coming down the lane in the distance, through the hard standing car park and running like a river through this track, its flows all the way down the big hill and to the river at the bottom of the next field. 
I was talking to another dog walker a lovely chap who has lived here all his life - when he wasn't
a Captain of a boat - he says he hasn't seen it this bad since 1963...that was before I was born!

 This picture shows the river bank on the opposite side to where we walk in the morning and is the very prestigious golf course, it now has its own stream.  A few days before I took this photo (Monday) the river had burst its bank and the land was flooded all the way back to the line of trees you can see in the middle distance.  We are expecting the river to peak again today and tomorrows forecast of how the River Wye is going to be is not something anyone is looking forward too.
 But still my dogs love it!  I took this once we got home, just before the hose came out and we had the hours fun of hosing off and rubbing dry.  Who needs a gym membership!

They look pretty clean but the camera lies, underneath they are black, see Golden?  no way!

But every cloud has a silver lining, and these beautiful snowdrops are nodding gently...although today they are nodding violently in the wind and relentless rain.


  1. You could try taking the manky pair back under the trades descriptions act but I'm not sure how far you'd!

    That is impressive flooding you have and I know there is more forecast so stay safe.

    1. Heheheh I didn't keep the receipt LOL!! We are forecast more rain and now they are talking snow, I will be glad when the summer is here and we can dry out I think.

  2. Oh my word! My dogs are just the same and even though River looks clean on the outside when she lays down by the fire the dirt just falls off of her and leaves a pile on the floor when she gets up. Thsi is why both the hounds are banished from the main rooms all together I just would never be able to keep a single area clean.

    1. Hi Patrica, mine are banished from the main house for the day by the evening they have dried out and are clean enough to go through to the living room which is fine as we spend more time in the kitchen as that's were the coal fire is, but it is a struggle keeping everywhere clean. My Iz does what your River does that huge puddle of dried mud when she stands up makes you wonder where it all comes from!

  3. Your dogs are sweeties.

    No one told us how much work a puppy would be.

    No one told us how much work a goldendoodle would be.

    Lulu is just 8 months and she steals - then eats - socks, hair tie rubber bands, paper towels, you name it.

    She loves to retrieve and could play ball on the beach for hours. If we limit her to our 1 hour beach walks then she wants to play ball in the house all day long.

  4. Izabel is my first and last puppy! all my dogs, and cats, have been rehomes or rescues and they are sooo much easier than a puppy, I thought it would be easy but its not. Defi is 4 and still eats everything he shouldn't he went through the bag I have next to the coal fire this morning, the one with all the old bits of paper to burn and start the fire then I spent 10 mins chasing him round the kitchen to get the bits back before he shredded the lot! Good job they make us smile :)


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